This is a parenting page, about parenting Page. I am a child psychologist and a mother. So I specialize in children, yet I am human, thus I am full of knowledge and yet as full of emotions as any other parent. So I decided to write this Parenting Page since it might be informative and funny for others to take an insider look at a child specialist raising her child. I also wanted to create a way to show Page when she grows up, if she chooses to have children, a real-life view of the experience. I hope you enjoy these stories and musings. (Other than immediate family, all names are changed to protect people’s privacy.)

Navigating The First Crush
Do you remember your first crush? What do you do when your child has his/hers? This is a great story about a parent navigating that first attraction.

Pacifier Wars
Weaning from the pacifier can be challenging for both the child and the adults. Click the link to read a humorous and rather ingenious approach to this process.

Modeling and Messaging
We are role models for our children…is our message about core values getting through? You might be surprised!

The Santa Talk
Is Santa Claus Real? One parent’s personal experience and some helpful advice on how to answer your child’s question.

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Parenting is the most emotionally laden job you’ll ever have. We all do silly things in our children’s best interest…sometimes even crazy things.

Parenting Imagination Versus Reality
No matter how much thought and planning you put in, when it comes to parenting, imagination differs greatly from reality.

Being Where The Action Is
There’s the good and the bad. So exciting! So tricky!

Being “Cool”
The Evolution of Cool: from dancing the night away to being able to laugh at life and yourself. Read about the new Advanced Cool!

Allowing A Child To Make Tough Decisions
Allowing a child to weigh options and make their own decisions can be scary but they need to learn how. This is an interesting story of the process at work.

Potty Training
The trials and tribulations of finding a method that works.

Bad Daddy!
Sometimes children induce high levels of stress…meet Bad Daddy!

Childcare Desperation
How many babysitters does a family need to have on their list? The number may shock you!

I’m Watching You!
Sometimes nonverbal messages can be even more effective than a lecture.

Imperfect Confidence
Confidence, Parenting and a little help from Elvis

That Floppy Thing
A hilarious child’s take on the physical difference between boys and girls.

Getting Dogs
The decision to get a pet isn’t an easy one.

Mama Bear
Sometimes Mama Bear steps in to save the day.

It Takes A Village…Of Perspectives
A village of perspectives helps to understand a child…and others better.

Sports and Fashion
An interesting story about how and why internal motivators and athletic outfits influenced a child to select a particular sport.

Shake That Fist and Lean In
A humorous story of a very young child raising her fist in protest to fight the power…her mother.

How do you instill good choices, beliefs and choices in your child? The secret is…brainwashing!

Olive Oil and Baptism
An odd combination but a beautiful family tradition filled with love.

Learning to Swear
Don’t do it but if you do, get it right!

Winning Isn’t Everything
Helping children understand about the important concept of competition.

Where Do Babies Come From?
One parent’s attempt at answering THE question…with humorous results.

The Long Short Hall
Parents learn the first steps to helping kids develop independence.


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