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Dr. Lindsay Underwood has substantial training and experience in conducting comprehensive psychological assessments across the lifespan. She has worked in a variety of settings conducting multidisciplinary psychological and psychoeducational evaluations to provide diagnostic clarification and inform treatment. Dr. Underwood has conducted evaluations addressing emotional/psychological/behavioral functioning, memory, intellectual abilities, executive functioning, attention concerns (AD/HD), and developmental deficits. She takes an evidence-based and holistic approach, ensuring she provides an accurate assessment of the whole person.


Meaghan has substantial training and experience in comprehensive psychological and educational assessments across the lifespan. She is dedicated to assisting clients in discovering any cognitive deficits, psychological difficulties, substance abuse, or trauma that may be contributing to current challenges. Her approach is evidence-based and wholistic, ensuring that she provides an accurate assessment of the whole person.


Dr. Sagan King has experience conducting comprehensive psychological and educational assessments across the lifespan with children, teens, and adults alike. She has worked in a variety of settings conducting multidisciplinary psychological and psychoeducational evaluations to provide diagnostic clarification and inform treatment. She has conducted evaluations addressing attention concerns (AD/HD), learning difficulties (LD), developmental deficits, emotional/psychological/behavioral functioning, memory, intellectual abilities (IQ), and executive functioning.


Dr. Lindsey Ohler has extensive training and experience completing psychological and educational evaluations with children, adolescents and adults. She also has expertise in the differential diagnosis of eating disorders, having contributed to research investigations assessing the neurocircuitry of disordered eating. Dr. Ohler’s training began at an inpatient child and adolescent facility where she conducted psychological evaluations of youth. She further refined her evaluation skills at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center where s


Dr. Erica Pritzker provides psychological, educational, and autism-spectrum evaluations for all ages. Previously a school psychologist, she has experience diagnosing and working with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD, also commonly called ‘ADD’) and Specific Learning Disabilities (also commonly called ‘LD’). Dr. Pritzker also specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders. She has extensive experience and knowledge in identifying learning problems that may be due to learning disabilities, ADHD, TBI, and other neurological deficits.


Rae Ann Hamilton has specialized training and experience in conducting educational and psychological evaluations. She considers it a privilege to assist individuals through a comprehensive evaluation process with the identification of specific learning and/or life difficulties, which then informs recommendations for effective interventions and treatment options. Over the years, Mrs. Hamilton has worked with individuals between the ages of four and seventy-nine in private and public school settings as well as private practice. A specific are


Child specialist with in-depth experience assessing children of all ages; through direct observation and/or parent descriptions of very young children, and testing with preschool children and older, assesses children ages birth through 18. Dr. Hamilton is one of few child psychologists specialized in the birth to preschool years as well as K-12 children. Extensive experience conducting trauma assessments, compre


Dr. Parker provides psychological, psychoeducational, substance abuse, and trauma assessments, as well as a variety of forensic evaluations. She has substantial training and experience providing testing and assessments to evaluate for learning disorders, AD/HD, general personality functioning and behavior, trauma, and forensics.


Dr. Julie Michalowski has training and experience completing psychological evaluations in both inpatient and outpatient settings. She completes psychological testing for children, teens, and adults to assess for possible mood, anxiety, thought or behavior disorders, trauma, and general emotional and personality functioning. Dr. Michalowski provides a safe, nonjudgmental environment to help put individuals at ease during the testing process. She aims to not only identify areas for improvement but also highlights the individual’s strengths. Dr. Michalowski also has training and experience completing psychoeducational evaluations to assess children, teens, and young adults for learning dis


Several years experience doing psychological, substance abuse, and forensic evaluations for the schools, courts, community centers, and in private practice settings. Expertise in diagnostic clarification in clinically complex cases in which there has been over-diagnosis, misdiagnosis, or an inability to diagnose. Dissertation on custody evaluations, and extensive forensic evaluation experience. A Certified Forensic Evaluator, trained by the University of Virginia Institute of Law, Psychiatry, and Public Policy, one of the premier nationally recognized training institutes for forensics.

Raleigh Office Clinicians


Dr. Alexandra Maestre provides comprehensive psychological testing assessment to address a range of emotional, behavioral, developmental, learning, academic, and adjustment concerns in children, adolescents, and adults. She has ample training and experience conducting thorough assessments in different settings including private practice, community mental health, the juvenile justice system, and residential treatment centers. During the assessment process, Dr. Maestre aims to foster a welcoming and pressure-free environment in which the client can participate comfortably in testing. Furthermore, Dr. Maestre is fully bilingual and conducts comprehensive assessments in both English and Spanish.

Telehealth Online Office Clinicians


Dr. Gina LaFrazza conducts comprehensive psychological assessments aimed at achieving diagnostic clarity and understanding each person’s unique strengths and needs. This allows for more targeted treatment interventions to address the symptoms clients are experiencing. Dr. LaFrazza has over a decade of experience in private practice where she has conducted evaluations for a variety of purposes and in a variety of settings. Although at Lepage Associates Dr. LaFrazza only does psychological evaluations, she is also an experienced therapist, and is well aware of how important it is to provide practical and usable information and recommendations to her evaluation clients. In addition to many years providing psychological evaluations in private practice, Dr. LaFrazza began her assessment experience in graduate school conducting neuropsychological evaluations at the Shepard Center, a preeminent traumatic brain injury hospital. She also conducted risk assessment evaluations as an intern for the Emergency Evaluation and Action Committee at UNC-Chapel Hill. Dr. LaFrazza is a Licensed Psychologist and holds a Doctorate (Clinical Psychology) and two Masters degrees (Clinical Psychology and Educational Psychology).

Evaluator Telehealth

All Therapists Listed Above Are Providing Teletherapy Services For Clients, All Telemedication Services Are Online, And Many Psychological Evaluations Can Be Done Using Telehealth As Well.


Many psychological and forensic evaluations can be done fully online, using telehealth video platforms for clinical interviews and test proctoring. (Educational testing must be done in person.)


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