Forensic Psychologists

Durnham Office

Matthew Varley, Ph.D.

In his forensic work, Dr. Varley maintains the same supportive, non-judgmental, and professional attitude characteristic of all his clinical practice. Dr. Varley has experience providing court-mandated therapy for adolescents and conducting forensic evaluations for adults, including psychological and substance abuse evaluations relevant to child custody cases.


As one of our resident forensic psychologists, Dr. Lindsey Ohler has extensive experience in family, civil, and criminal court. She has been qualified as an expert witness in both family and civil court several times, and has provided deposition and testimony in numerous cases. She often provides expert consultation for attorneys on clinical issues (e.g., child development and child custody, child sexual development, autism spectrum disorder, childhood mental health disorders, and adult mental health disorders).


Dr. Bailey Cole has experience in conducting forensic evaluations and providing court-
mandated therapy for varying ages. He aims to create a non-judgmental and empathic environment to decrease discomfort frequently associated with court-mandated services. Dr. Cole has experience in conducting psychological


Dr. Parker is both a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, with doctoral and master’s degrees specifically in Forensic Psychology, and training in forensic neuropsychology. She has substantial training and experience providing a variety of forensic assessments for all ages.


Dr. Tina Lepage, founder of Lepage Associates Solution-Based Psychological & Psychiatric Services, holds a Doctorate and Master’s in clinical psychology, a B.S. in child development and family relationships, and a Master’s in management. Dr. Lepage is a specialist in relationships, families, conflict resolution, and forensic evaluations. She has been said to “demonstrate an uncanny ability to find creative solutions that work well and are respected by all parties involved,” and judges have commented they wished all evaluations were as understandable


As one of our resident child psychologists, Dr. Colleen Hamilton joins our forensic cases in the capacity of child expert. She has in-depth experience assessing children of all ages; through direct observation and/or parent descriptions of very young children, and testing with preschool children and older, she assesses children ages birth through 18. Dr. Hamilton is one of few child psychologists specialized in the birth