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Durham/Chapel Hill Office Clinicians

Dr. Elizabeth Schreiber

In her forensic work, Dr. Elizabeth Schreiber maintains the same professional, non-judgmental, and authentic approach that is part of all of her clinical work. Dr. Schreiber has experience conducting in-depth evaluations with both children and adults that can be used in court settings. For example, her reports can be used in family court, such as for parental capacity evaluations. Additionally, Dr. Schreiber has extensive experience conducting neuropsychological evaluations which can be useful in criminal and civil court cases, particularly capacity evaluations.

Dr. Ellie Gottstein

Dr. Ellie Gottstein has experience providing court related forensic evaluations for adults, including psychological evaluations relevant to child custody cases. Dr. Gottstein has been trained to use objective psychological measures to understand an individual through assessment, and incorporate multiple sources of information into her forensic reports. Dr. Gottstein is a psychologist first, and an evaluator second, meaning that she maintains the same authentic and genuine curiosity that is innate when conducting evaluations with the goal of understanding a full and accurate picture of the individual looking to be evaluated.

Dr. Maggie Carraway

In her forensic work, Dr. Maggie Carraway maintains her non-judgmental and genuine approach that is part of her clinical work, though recognizes the importance of differentiating her role when engaging in forensic work. In addition to doing forensic work in private practice, Dr. Carraway has experience working in various forensic settings including inpatient hospitals and correctional facilities. She has conducted detailed forensic evaluations for federal courts on issues such as competency to stand trial, sexual dangerousness, and mental status at the time of the alleged offense. For family and civil courts, she is able to provide psychological evaluations, substance abuse evaluations, risk assessments, competency/capacity evaluations, immigration evaluations, and parental capacity evaluations, to name a few. Dr. Carraway has also provided forensic therapy treatment in individual and group settings to civilly committed individuals. Her main focus and expertise are in conducting a wide variety of forensic evaluations for criminal and civil courts.


As one of our resident forensic psychologists, Dr. Lindsey Ohler has extensive experience in family, civil, and criminal court. She has been qualified as an expert witness in both family and civil court several times, and has provided deposition and testimony in numerous cases. She often provides expert consultation for attorneys on clinical issues (e.g., child development and child custody, child sexual development, autism spectrum disorder, childhood mental health disorders, and adult mental health disorders).


In her forensic work, Dr. Erica Pritzker maintains the same supportive, non-judgmental, and professional attitude characteristic of all her clinical practice. Dr. Pritzker has experience providing court-mandated therapy and conducting forensic evaluations for adults, including psychological and substance abuse evaluations relevant to child custody cases. Trained as a child psychologist, she is well prepared to speak to a child’s developmental needs and the best interests


Dr. Parker is both a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, with doctoral and master’s degrees specifically in Forensic Psychology, and training in forensic neuropsychology. Forensic Evaluation Services for Civil, Criminal and Family Courts


As one of our resident child psychologists, Dr. Colleen Hamilton joins our forensic cases in the capacity of child expert. She has in-depth experience assessing children of all ages; through direct observation and/or parent descriptions of very young children, and testing with preschool children and older, she assesses children ages birth through 18. Dr. Hamilton is one of few child psychologists specialized in the birth


Dr. Tina Lepage, founder of Lepage Associates Solution-Based Psychological & Psychiatric Services, holds a Doctorate and Master’s in clinical psychology, a B.S. in child development and family relationships, and a Master’s in management. Dr. Lepage is a specialist in relationships, families, conflict resolution, and forensic evaluations. She has been said to “demonstrate an uncanny ability to find creative solutions that work well and are respected by all parties involved,” and judges have commented they wished all evaluations were as understandable


In her forensic work, Dr. Lindsay Underwood maintains the same professional, non judgmental, and genuine approach that is part of all of her clinical practice. Dr. Underwood has experience providing court-mandated therapy and conducting forensic evaluations for both adults and children, including psychological and substance abuse assessments relevant to child custody cases, as well as various risk assessments.

Raleigh/Cary Office Clinicians


Dr. Alexandra Maestre is both a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, with doctoral and master’s degrees specifically in Forensic Psychology. She holds a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology with a focus in Forensic Psychology, and a master’s degree in Forensic and Counseling Psychology. Dr. Maestre has experience in conducting forensic evaluations and providing court-
mandated therapy for varying ages. She aims to create a non-judgmental and empathic environment to decrease discomfort frequently associated with court-mandated services. Dr. Maestre has experience in conducting psychological, substance abuse, risk assessment, delinquent predispositions, and a myriad of forensic evaluation topics for courts. She also has extensive experience conducting assessments for pre-adjudicated children and adolescents in the juvenile justice system including juvenile waiver evaluations. In addition, she has experience providing court-ordered psychotherapy for a wide array of concerns, including substance abuse, anger management, domestic violence, criminal recidivism, and community reintegration. Dr. Maestre has worked in forensic settings and is comfortable providing expert testimony in court.

Telehealth Online Office Clinicians

Forensic Telehealth

In her forensic work, Dr. Sagan King maintains the same genuine person-centered approach, which includes a supportive and non-judgmental attitude with all clients. She has experience providing court-mandated therapy and conducting forensic evaluations for adults and children, including psychological, psychoeducational, risk assessments, and substance abuse evaluations. During her time in both the juvenile and adult court systems, Dr. King was known for developing positive relationships with probation officers, correctional officers, and other officials. In addition to her role as an evaluator for court-related cases, she also provides individual and family therapy for children and families involved with the courts, to include addressing tough issues involving discipline, anger management, substance abuse, intimate partner violence, and a range of other concerns associated with the correctional system.


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