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Dr. Tina Lepage, founder of Lepage Associates Solution-Based Psychological & Psychiatric Services, holds a Doctorate and Master’s in clinical psychology, a B.S. in child development and family relationships, and a Master’s in management. Dr. Lepage is a specialist in relationships, families, conflict resolution, forensic evaluations, and court-ordered therapy. She has been said to “demonstrate an uncanny ability to find creative solutions that work well and are respected by all parties involved,” and judges have commented they wished all evaluations were as understandable and useful as hers. Originally, Dr. Lepage provided evaluations and consulted for the court as a Court Psychologist and has continued in forensic psychology in private practice for 20+ years. Examples of forensic evaluations she has completed and supervised include child custody, parental capacity, mental status assessment, fitness for duty/return to work, disability assessment, legal decision making and financial capacity assessment, substance abuse assessment, immigration and adoption issues, risk assessments, and competency to stand trial. Dr. Lepage has testified in court several times as an expert witness; she has been qualified as an expert in clinical psychology, forensic psychology, and custody evaluations.

Dr. Lepage completed both her clinical master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation on parenting plans, determining the highest quality protocol for assessing child and family needs and then addressing those needs in potential parenting arrangements. At Lepage Associates she went on to develop a unique, tiered approach to parenting plan consults and custody evaluations to meet the information and cost needs of every family. Dr. Lepage is also an expert in coaching for Cooperative or Parallel Co-Parenting. She has extensive experience working with individuals, couples, parents, and children. Her combined experience in divorce issues, child development, parenting plans, and conflict resolution make her highly sought out by parents as they make decisions regarding co-parenting issues and parenting plans, or need someone to meet with their child. Her evaluation skills and ability to handle clinically complex cases make her sought out by a wide variety of people involved with the court as well.


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