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The Power of Vulnerability and Authenticity

In all the complexities of human connection, an invisible string binds us in profound and transformative ways: vulnerability. It is […]

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Active Listening: Enhancing Communication in Relationships

Active listening is not just about hearing words; it’s about understanding the message, the emotions, and the intentions behind them. […]

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Old Habits Die Hard: Overcoming Procrastination

In last month’s blog, we delved into the complexities of procrastination. We explored how procrastination is not merely a manifestation […]

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Old Habits Die Hard: Identifying and Understanding Procrastination

Now that we have entered the new year, what better time to confront old patterns and habits. I’m sure we’ve […]

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It’s That Time of the Year Again!

3….2….1….HAPPY NEW YEAR! Filled with endless possibilities of where the new year will take us, this time of the year […]

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It’s the Holiday Season!

The holiday season, a time typically filled with joy and celebration, can sometimes leave us overwhelmed and stressed. From the […]

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Avoid Negative Self Talk

Being negative towards ourselves comes in many different forms, making it easy to fall in this dangerous trap. From thinking […]

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Reframing Self-Criticism

We all have that voice in our heads that perpetually highlights our flaws, mistakes, and inadequacies. While self-reflection is crucial […]

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Happiness Rules by Manuel Astruc: Changing How We Think About Success and Happiness

The book Happiness Rules by Manuel Astruc, a board-certified psychiatrist from New York, discusses the relationship between success, burnout, and […]

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