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Avoid Negative Self Talk

Being negative towards ourselves comes in many different forms, making it easy to fall in this dangerous trap. From thinking […]

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Reframing Self-Criticism

We all have that voice in our heads that perpetually highlights our flaws, mistakes, and inadequacies. While self-reflection is crucial […]

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Happiness Rules by Manuel Astruc: Changing How We Think About Success and Happiness

The book Happiness Rules by Manuel Astruc, a board-certified psychiatrist from New York, discusses the relationship between success, burnout, and […]

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Put Down Your Phone!

Phones have become an intricate part of our lives. Now that we can access seemingly everything we want to with […]

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Practice Creativity Mindfulness

Just like any type of skill, people vary in their level of expertise in creativity, however, regardless of how well […]

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Hobbie Happiness

With platforms like Netflix and Hulu, it can be difficult to refrain from sitting on the couch, putting on our […]

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Stress’s Sweet Spot 

Some stress can be good! That is something we don’t often hear, however, it is true. The trick is to […]

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Sunlight: An Easy Way to Improve Your Sleep

Do you struggle with sleep issues? If so, you’re not alone. 30% to 40% of U.S. adults suffer with insomnia […]

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When it comes to our change and growth, we cannot underestimate the power of consistency. It is better to do […]

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Starting Off the New Year Right: SMART Resolutions

According to the New York Post, only 8% of Americans keep their New Year’s resolutions. Many times, people set unreasonable […]

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