Christian Counseling & Other Faith-Based Counseling

At Lepage Associates, our Christian counselors provide Christian counseling to individuals of all ages within a safe, compassionate environment in which their faith will be respected and accepted. Christian counseling can also be used for marriage therapy and family therapy.

A client’s faith, whether it be Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc., can impact therapy in a unique way by providing a world view that will help inform the therapeutic process. Therapists at Lepage Associates recognize the importance of faith in people’s lives. Faith can provide a framework from which to view life’s issues that may be different from mainstream society. Faith can be central to how some people find meaning in their lives and therefore needs to be incorporated into the therapeutic process. Faith can be a great source of emotional support and encouragement.

One of many self-identified psychologists of faith, William Hathaway, PhD of Regent University in Virginia, was quoted in an article written by Karen Kersting in the American Psychological Association Monitor (December 2003, Vol 34, No. 11) entitled Religion and Spirituality in the Treatment Room, saying, “Just being sensitive to a possible role of religion in a client’s life can broaden your evaluation and provide different solutions.” Lepage Associates’ therapists strive to be sensitive to the role of faith in the lives of our clients, and embrace the ways in which a client’s faith can positively impact therapy.

All therapists at Lepage Associates are respectful of the world’s many religions and are supportive of incorporating one’s faith into therapy as requested. For clients specifically seeking Christian counseling, see below for Christian counselors currently at Lepage Associates.


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