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David Moreau was born and raised in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He earned undergraduate and law degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and currently is pursuing a master’s degree as a student in the Clinical Mental Health program at Gordon-Conwell. Prior to becoming a therapist, David practiced law for over 20 years, serving as in-house counsel for two publicly-traded commercial real estate companies over his career, an experience that afforded him the opportunity to engage with diverse populations. As an experienced negotiator, David learned the importance of being a good listener, being highly attuned to hearing and understanding the perspectives of others in order to work collaboratively toward a common goal. David’s legal practice helped him develop skills in critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving, and equipped him to analyze complex situations, empathize with diverse perspectives, and communicate effectively under often intense situations and high-pressure circumstances, attributes which he brings into his therapy practice.

Intervention Style & Therapy Experience: As a therapist, David understands the challenges clients face are unique and deeply personal, affecting the home, work, social, relational, and spiritual aspects of their lives. He views each client has having inherent dignity and worth; and he sees the clinician’s office as a sacred space, providing a safe and secure environment for clients to explore their mental health challenges and experience personal growth. David utilizes a person-centered approach rooted in empathy, compassion, and collaboration. Drawing from his legal background, David offers a unique perspective that values both rational analysis and emotional support, with the ultimate goal of empowering clients to navigate life’s challenges by tapping into their inner strengths, cultivating resilience, and collaboratively working towards the change they want to experience. David works with teenagers and adults experiencing issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, loss, stress management and other diagnoses.


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