Dr. Gina LaFrazza conducts comprehensive psychological assessments aimed at achieving diagnostic clarity and understanding each person’s unique strengths and needs. This allows for more targeted treatment interventions to address the symptoms clients are experiencing. Dr. LaFrazza has over a decade of experience in private practice where she has conducted evaluations for a variety of purposes and in a variety of settings. Although at Lepage Associates Dr. LaFrazza only does psychological evaluations, she is also an experienced therapist, and is well aware of how important it is to provide practical and usable information and recommendations to her evaluation clients.

In addition to many years providing psychological evaluations in private practice, Dr. LaFrazza began her assessment experience in graduate school conducting neuropsychological evaluations at the Shepard Center, a preeminent traumatic brain injury hospital. She also conducted risk assessment evaluations as an intern for the Emergency Evaluation and Action Committee at UNC-Chapel Hill. Dr. LaFrazza is a Licensed Psychologist and holds a Doctorate (Clinical Psychology) and two Masters degrees (Clinical Psychology and Educational Psychology).


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