Dr. Jamila Parker is a psychologist at Lepage Associates, and serves as the Director of Clinical Administration. Her primary duties at Lepage Associates include assisting with psychological and forensic evaluations, and managing all facets of clinical administration such as obtaining the multitude of records needed for evaluations and responding to subpoenas, as well as training early career psychologists on clinical administration. Dr. Parker holds a doctorate in Clinical and Forensic Psychology, master’s degree in Forensic Psychology, and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She has worked in a variety of clinical, forensic and educational settings including private clinical practice, private forensic practice, school districts, department of education, juvenile hall, youth development organizations, nonprofits and charities.

Evaluation Experience: Dr. Parker assists with evaluations for all ages. She has experience conducting psychological, educational, substance abuse, and forensic assessments with children, adolescents, and adults. In addition, she has training in forensic neuropsychology.

Personal: Dr. Parker loves dancing, music, theater, and cooking. She is also an avid movie goer. During her free time, Dr. Parker is engaging in fun activities and spending time with family and friends.


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