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David Moreau

David Moreau enjoys working with couples in a safe, non-judgmental environment that allows them to identify issues causing disconnection and distress in their relationship. Communication difficulties, intimacy challenges, infidelity and broken trust, parenting differences, and an inability to resolve conflicts are some of the common relationship challenges that couples experience. Mr. Moreau incorporates several therapeutic approaches in his work including Client-Centered, Humanistic, Cognitive-Behavioral, and Psychoeducation, depending on the couple’s presenting issues. Mr. Moreau believes that couples experience the most effective change when there is a therapeutic alliance of mutual trust and respect between the therapist and the couple. Mr. Moreau considers it an honor to journey with couples as they courageously seek to improve their relationship and flourish in their life together.


Ms. Hope Venetta enjoys working with couples and provides them with a safe, non-judgmental environment that allows them to identify issues causing distress in their relationship. Those issues may range from communication difficulties to life transition issues to infidelity. Broken trust, parenting differences, and an inability to resolve conflicts are also common difficulties that cause unhappiness and heartache. Ms. Veneta incorporates several therapeutic approaches in her work including Client-Centered, Humanistic, Cognitive-Behavioral, Behavior Management, and Psychoeducation, depending on the couple’s presenting issues. It is her belief that the most effective change happens when there is a therapeutic alliance of mutual trust and respect between the therapist and clients. One of Ms. Venetta’s special interests is premarital counseling. She is certified as a SYMBIS Facilitator (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts). 


Throughout her career, Gay Haynes has provided couples counseling and marriage therapy for people of all ages and within all stages of their relationship in. She is trained in the Gottman Method and implements evidence-based practices in a humanistic, interactive approach grounded in empathy and a non-judgmental environment. Gay strives to understand the relationship history from start to present, paying close attention to communication and interaction patterns, then working in conjunction with the couple to identify areas of conflict or unhealthiness and develop improved and healthy coping and communication skills. Using this approach, Gay is able to help couples facing a wide variety of issues getting in the way of a happy and healthy relationship.

Dr. Ellie Gottstein

For Dr. Ellie Gottstein, effective couples counseling begins with exploring individual and shared histories and working together to identify shared goals to work towards together. Dr. Gottstein believes exploring difficult feelings and sitting with discomfort are challenging but necessary tools to use in order to work through longstanding relational patterns. Being open to growth through learning new ways of relating are vital for this process. She strives to be neutral while being empathetic and authentic with both parties in the dyad. Dr. Gottstein welcomes couples of all ethnicities, cultures, genders, and sexual orientations. Working towards shared goals is a challenge that Dr. Gottstein hopes to guide her couples through whatever comes their way including parenting, infidelity, grief, life transitions, and/or mental health concerns.


Dr. Elizabeth Schreiber utilizes evidence-based approaches in her work with couples, primarily informed by Emotion-Focused Therapy. She works to identify negative patterns in relationships that are affecting the couple’s connection. Dr. Schreiber strives to create an environment where couples feel safe to share their difficulties, and works to promote an environment where couples can reflect on themselves, learn about each other, and explore patterns in their relationships. Treatment will consist of exploring core issues within the relationship and working with couples to gain a better understanding of those issues while focusing on truly listening to and hearing one another. Dr. Schreiber strives to remain neutral while continuing to be empathetic and genuine.


Rae Ann Hamilton enjoys working with couples and provides them with a safe, non-judgmental environment that allows them to identify issues causing distress in their relationship. Those issues may range from communication difficulties to life transition issues to infidelity.


Couples may enter therapy to work through a crisis, adjust problematic dynamics, or deepen connection and intimacy. Whatever the circumstances, Dr. Pritzker aims to meet couples where they are and foster a non-judgmental environment conducive to growth. She believes couples have the potential to benefit from therapy at any stage of a relationship or phase of life. Dr. Pritzker welcomes couples of all ethnicities, cultures, genders, and sexual orientations. She recognizes each relationship is comprised of individuals with personal histories, traits, needs, and desires. At the same time, every couple is a unique dynamic with its own challenges and opportunities. Working effectively with couples means both honoring the parts and strengthening the whole. In her work with couples, Dr. Pritzker is especially attuned to communication patterns in the relationship. Other important topics in couple’s therapy may include parenting, family dynamics, infidelity, grief, substance use, life decision and transitions, work, and individual mental health concerns.


Dr. Colleen Hamilton enjoys premarital therapy, and for married couples an early intervention, “preventive medicine” approach when experiencing difficulties. She encourages couples to come in early in their relationship to help develop excellent couple’s communication and interaction skills. This also helps couples identify possible topics that may become problematic, and allows these concerns to be addressed sooner rather than later. When problems do occur, she encourages couples to come in as soon as they realize the problem is not alleviating quickly; research has shown that people who get help for problems early on are more successful and therapy takes less time. If individual issues such as depression, stress/anxiety, anger management, high emotionality, or trauma are impacting the relationship, Dr. Hamilton can take a combined individual and couple’s sessions approach to address these concerns. As a child psychologist as well, if child/teen issues are impacting the couple’s relationship, she can help guide and coach the parents to effectively address the child-related issues and alleviate the stress on the couple.


Dr. Lindsey Ohler is actively involved in assisting couples thoroughly assess and understand the root of their difficulties. She creates a safe environment where both partners comfortably share the struggles of their relationship and disclose their perceptions of one another.


Couples counseling/marriage therapy has been a primary specialty area for Dr. Lepage, and remains one of her favorite things to do. She has received specialized training from renowned psychologists to include: being part of an exclusive, personalized 9-hour 10-person training with Dr. Albert Ellis, a 2-day training with sex therapist Dr. Barry McCarthy, and a 2-day training with Drs. John & Julie Gottman.

Raleigh/Cary Office Clinicians


As a therapist, Heidi helps couples to identify their challenges and goals for therapy as the first step in the process. She views couples therapy as a collaborative journey and fosters that through mutual respect, while guiding conversations so that each individual is heard. Using person-centered and cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) modalities, each person begins to better understand themselves, their role within the relationship, and how their spouse/significant other operates, while they work together developing healthy relationship skills. Heidi enjoys working with couples who present to therapy to address communication skills and coping strategies, and assists them to identify risks as well as protective factors within the relationship.


Throughout her career, Melissa has worked with couples in crisis and transitions, and has experience managing relationship challenges that can arise between spouses, significant others, or partners. Melissa understands that at times relationships can be uncertain, even very upsetting, and couples may benefit from professional intervention. By focusing on the partners’ strengths, Melissa encourages clients to seek common ground and explore solutions for each couple and individual to be living in a healthy manner. To accomplish this goal, she utilizes psychoeducation about relationship stress and positive communication skill-building. By teaching mindfulness and positive coping skills along with other strategic interventions, Melissa assists couples in healing and even strengthening their relationship. Relationships can be defined in many different ways and Melissa explores with an open mind how the couple has chosen to define their commitment to the partnership. Couples are encouraged to identify their own needs and take responsibility for communicating that to their partner, and being receptive to hearing what their partner is seeking. Being open and willing to try new forms of communication is a way to restore the positive aspects of your relationship.


Ms. Cheryl Cohen is an interactive couples therapist who strives to bring forth strengths in the relationship and help minimize/improve the deficits. She is empathic, genuine and intuitive in nature. Cheryl will start by getting an in-depth assessment from the couple and each person individually, to have the most comprehensive information to work with when addressing the couple’s concerns. Healthy couples are a product of healthy individuals.


Dr. Alexandra Maestre aims to create a warm, non-judgmental, and empathic environment for couples. At the onset of treatment, she focuses on exploring with the couple the struggles that led them to seek therapy, while also highlighting the couple’s past successes and strengths that have helped them overcome obstacles. Dr. Maestre encourages each person to share their perception of the relationship and what they wish to achieve through therapy. In addition, she places great emphasis on communication and developing empathy for one another to reduce struggles, reconcile differences, and strengthen the relationship.

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All Therapists Listed Above Are Providing Teletherapy Services For Clients, All Telemedication Services Are Online, And Many Psychological Evaluations Can Be Done Using Telehealth As Well.


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