Throughout her career, Melissa has worked with couples in crisis and transitions, and has experience managing relationship challenges that can arise between spouses, significant others, or partners. Melissa understands that at times relationships can be uncertain, even very upsetting, and couples may benefit from professional intervention. By focusing on the partners’ strengths, Melissa encourages clients to seek common ground and explore solutions for each couple and individual to be living in a healthy manner. To accomplish this goal, she utilizes psychoeducation about relationship stress and positive communication skill-building. By teaching mindfulness and positive coping skills along with other strategic interventions, Melissa assists couples in healing and even strengthening their relationship. Relationships can be defined in many different ways and Melissa explores with an open mind how the couple has chosen to define their commitment to the partnership. Couples are encouraged to identify their own needs and take responsibility for communicating that to their partner, and being receptive to hearing what their partner is seeking. Being open and willing to try new forms of communication is a way to restore the positive aspects of your relationship.


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