Payment & Insurance Information

Please note our fees are very reasonable when compared with others in the field.

Psychotherapy (includes all ages/therapy formats):

  • 1st Appointment (Intake) / Diagnostic Interview (55 minutes): $185.00
  • Therapy Session (45 minutes face to face): $150.00
. Therapy Session (55 minutes face to face): $185.00
. Therapy Session (75 minutes face to face): $225.00
  • Group Therapy & Seminars per Session (75 minutes face to face): $80.00
  • Therapy or Non-Forensic Consult with Dr. Lepage: $350.00 per hour


  • 1st Appointment/Diagnostic Interview ADULT (up to 45-60 minutes as needed): $385.00
  • 1st Appointment/Diagnostic Interview CHILD (up to 60-90 minutes with child & parents as needed): $450.00

  • Med Check/Med Management/Short Follow Up (15-20 minutes as needed): Child or Adult $185.00

  • Long Follow-Up with Psychiatrist (up to 45 minutes as needed): Child or Adult $350.00

  • Medication Refill (i.e., refill done outside of normal in-office session): $25.00 processing fee with 7 days’ notice, $75 with less than 7 days’ notice
  • Collateral services by M.D. on your behalf (i.e., phone calls not including calling in a prescription, emails, reading reports, etc.) billed at $6.00 per minute.

Divorce-Related Therapy/Consult & Parenting Coordinator Services:

  1. Child Specialist (co-parenting therapy; consult on divorce and kids; voice-of-the-child meetings with child; member of Collaborative Divorce team; parenting plan consult): $200.00 per hour ($350/hr. Dr. Lepage)
  2. Divorce Coach (communication skill building for meeting preparation; identify needs/interests; emotional control for effective process; member CD team): $150/hr. ($350/hr. Dr. Lepage)
  • A note about Reunification Therapy and Therapeutic Supervised Visitation: Reunification Therapy (RT) is a form of Family Therapy and is billed the same as any therapy noted above under Psychotherapy. Therapeutic Supervised Visitation (TSV) is a form of Family Therapy and is billed the same as any psychotherapy as well. (We do not provide non-therapeutic supervised visitation; however, because therapeutic supervised visitation is a form of Therapy you should be able to turn in claim forms to get reimbursed some percent of sessions via your out of network benefits, thus in the end TSV may cost you the same or less than non-therapeutic supervised visitation which cannot be reimbursed by insurance.)
  • Parenting Coordinator (court ordered): Dr. Tina Lepage $250.00/hour – Rae Ann Hamilton $200.00/hour

Career Counseling & Assessment/Testing:

  • Testing + 2-counseling-sessions: $750.00
  • Testing-only: $750.00
  • 2-counseling-sessions-only: $335.00 (coded as 1 Diagnostic Interview and 1 Psychotherapy)
  • Vocational Evaluation for Workman’s Comp: $995.00

Evaluations – Clinical & Forensic (the flat fees for evaluations include a free feedback session if you would like one):

Psychoeducational/Educational/Academic/Neuropsychological/Executive Functioning:

  • Full Psychoed Eval (AD/HD & LD evaluation + R/O MH issues): $2,500.00
  • Expanded Psychoed Eval (full psychoed + additional testing or history review): $3,500.00
  • Full Battery (Combined Expanded Psychological + Full Psychoeducational; a full testing battery to determine in-depth all cognitive, emotional, and personality factors; or a complex psychoeducational): $3,500.00
  • Foreign Language Assessment (school accommodation for a foreign language) / Modern Language Aptitude Test (MLAT): $750.00
  • Readiness for Kindergarten Testing: $850.00
  • IQ Testing only: $600.00. Achievement Testing only: $600.00
  • School observation: $200.00 per hour, port to port
  • Neuropsychological/Executive Functioning: $2,500.00
  • Expanded Neuropsych: $3,500.00
  • Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE): $2,500.00
  • Expanded IEE (full IEE + additional testing or history review): $3,500.00
  • Functional Behavior Assessment with Half-Day School Observation (includes document review, school observation, up to 45-minute drive each way, and report/FBA): $1,800.00
  • Functional Behavior Assessment without school observation (can do if there are already ABC data sheets because of behavioral accommodations in IEP or if there is a current BIP): $1,000.00 (plus $200.00/hour if it takes more than five hours)

Psychological Evaluations & Autism-Spectrum Evaluations:

  • Psychological Evaluation: $2,500.00
  • Expanded Psych Eval: (psych + some additional testing, expansive records review, or additional collateral calls past five): $3,500.00
  • Autism-Spectrum Disorder Evaluation: $3,500.00
  • MMPI-2 only or MCMI only (no clinical interview): $250.00 (30-minute feedback session $100.00 additional to testing/write-up)
  • Rorschach only (no clinical interview): $500.00 (30-min feedback session $100.00 additional to testing/write-up)
  • Comprehensive Eating Disorder Assessment: $2,500.00
  • Eating Disorder and Substance Abuse Assessment: $2,500.00
  • Brief Eating Disorder Assessment: $1,250.00
  • Eating Disorder Risk Assessment: $1,250.00
  • Bariatric Evaluation: $1,250.00
  • Adoption Readiness: $1,250.00 couple/$950 1-person; Egg Donor/Recipient $950
  • Other (non-forensic) psych testing: $200.00 per hour
  • Forensic testing hourly: $250.00

Civil Forensic Evaluations: (Competency/Capacity such as medical or financial; Fitness for Duty/Return to Work; Disability; Workman’s Comp, etc.): Typically some format of a psychological, expanded psychological, or full battery depending on the case and what the needs are for amount and type of cognitive testing, emotional and personality testing, collateral contacts, review of collateral data, etc.

  • Veteran’s Evaluation with Clinical Interview and Review of Records only (no psych testing): $995.00.

Immigration: Fee varies. For individual: Generally 1-hr interview + PDSQ or SCL-90 (English or Spanish version) and 90-120 minutes to write report = $750.00. Complex case with longer interview would be $1,000.00. For family: Generally 1-hr interview child(ren) + 1-hr interview parents + write report 2-3hrs = $1,250.00. If adding testing for family or doing observation would be $1,500.00 or more based on $250 per hour.

Juvenile & Adult Forensic Evaluations: (If hourly, $250.00 per hour)

  • Risk/Threat Assessment: $2,500.00
  • Risk/Threat Assessment Expanded: $3,500.00
  • Competency to Stand Trial: $2,500.00 (to $3,500.00 if expanded)
  • Mitigation/Diminished Capacity: $2,500.00 (to $3,500.00 if expanded)
  • Malingering Eval (mental health): $2,500.00; (cognitive): $3,500.00
  • Sex Offender Eval (Juvenile or Adult): $2,500.00 (to $3,500.00 if expanded)
  • Substance Abuse Letter for Court (such as DWI): $500.00
  • Substance Abuse Evaluations: $2,500.00

Custody & Visitation Evaluations / Parental Capacity Evaluations:

  • Custody Evaluation w/ Testing Battery: $12,500 flat fee for a family of up to four ($1,000 each additional person) + costs for records of 2.50 per page or per minute for audio or video (records generally = another $200-$400).
  • Extended Custody Evaluation (extended=additional collaterals): $15,000 flat fee for a family of up to four ($1,000 each extra family member) + costs for records.
  • Custody Evaluation without testing: $9,750.00 flat fee for family up to four ($750 each additional person) + costs for records. (FYI people rarely ask for eval with no testing.)
  • Effect of Parenting on Child Functioning Evaluation: $3,500.00
  • Parental Capacity (differs from custody eval – is of only ONE parent): $3,500.00
  • Participation in Settlement Conference with parties & attorneys: $250.00 per hour port to port; we are also happy to host the settlement conference at our office as a neutral ground

Testifying & Depositions: (as fact witness or as expert witness): $350/hr. preparing for and at deposition or court; plus $150/hour port to port. PLEASE NOTE THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL TESTIMONY TERMS FORM YOU MUST FILL OUT IF YOU HIRE US TO BE DEPOSED OR TESTIFY.

Forensic Consult Services: In brief, by Dr. Lepage: $350.00/hour (example: being hired as a forensic expert to review a case); by other doctors: $250.00/ hour. We keep our fees very reasonable when compared to usual rates in this field. Your clinician may require you pay a retainer based on an estimate of time; this is an estimate and you may be billed for additional time used or may receive a refund for unused time. (1) Consultation: $250.00 per hour assisting forensic cases by reviewing case materials and providing feedback to attorneys and/or clients for their own use in the case (i.e., not for us to testify), excepting Dr. Lepage whose fee is $350/hr. If your consult is face-to-face meeting please note a “consult hour” includes 45-50 minutes meeting with the last 10-15 minutes for your psychologist to complete a meeting note. (2) Expedited Consultation = to be completed in under one week: $350.00 per hour all clinicians. (3) Forensic Expert to also Testify: $350.00 per hour reviewing a case and consulting on a case in preparation for our own testimony as a forensic expert.

Copies of Records: Records sent by us via email, $25.00 processing fee if the request can be handled administratively without clinician assistance, and $50.00 if the clinician must assist with the request. U.S. Mail: 25 cents per page additional fee for hard copies + $10.00 mailing fee. (FYI most requests for records can be handled administratively, but in some more clinically complex cases the clinician may need to assist.)

Collateral Services: Including phone calls, letters, email (reading or responding); telephone consultation (with psychiatrists, physicians, teachers, guidance counselors, attorneys, etc.); and meetings attended in your behalf port to port are billed at the same corresponding rate, i.e., therapy, psychiatry, consult rate, etc. For therapy rate $150/hr, $2.50 per minute. For DC/PC rate $200/hr, $3.33 per minute. For rate of $250 or $350/hr, charge $4.17 or 5.83 per minute. Note there is a 5-minute minimum billing for all collateral services. You must have a credit card on file before your clinician can provide collateral services as payment is due at the time services are rendered.

Life Coaching: $225 intake; Packages: (a) 30 minutes of coaching per month, via telephone or in person = $180 per month; (b) 60 minutes of coaching per month, via telephone or in person, follow up email after each coaching call = $250 per month; (c) Three pre-arranged 30 minute coaching calls per month, follow up email after each coaching call = $325 per month; (d) informal coaching process or one 45-minute session as needed after you have completed your coaching program, or if you have an additional issue you want to discuss = $150 per 60 minutes.

Other fees: Late Fees/Credit & Debit Card Declines/Returned Checks: For therapy and psychiatry, if you do not pay in full on the date services are rendered, 10% of the original charge will be added each week you are late, and for evaluations 10% of the total original charge will be charged one time. A $25.00 fee is charged for any credit or debit card decline. Regarding returned checks, you owe any fees the bank charges us for the bounced check, any fees for time we must spend talking with the bank or yourself to rectify the situation (billed at $150/hour), plus any late fees that apply. Regarding delinquent accounts, you are responsible for in full and will be charged for in full any and all time we spend trying to collect on the account (billed at $150/hour), and/or any and all fees of any outside services, such as an attorney or credit collector, hired to collect the debt.

Refunds: We do not offer refunds on any service for any reason.

Credit Card Payment: We do accept credit cards, and typically do not charge any additional fee for using your credit card. However, please note forensic consult services, custody evaluations, and testimony/deposition add a 3% convenience fee for use of credit cards.

Business Services: Call and ask for Dr. Lepage for more information.