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Dr. Ellie GottsteinFEEL BETTER   –   PLAY BETTER

Dr. Ellie Gottstein uses her experiences as a former competitive athlete in conjunction with her clinical training to work with athletes ages 10 or older on a variety of issues, including helping to improve the psychological aspects of their performance. She is interested in helping clients with performance anxiety, providing psychological support and training as it relates to injury rehabilitation, recognizing and regulating physiological arousal, regaining focus, and *honing psychological skills to optimize performance*. Additionally trained in Health Psychology, Dr. Gottstein can work with athletes on balancing sport-specific diet and exercise demands with healthy and mindful eating practices. She is also interested in working with athletes on achieving balance between their athletics and academics, as well as managing stress associated with family, coach, or team expectations.

Dr. Gottstein understands athletes at times experience similar psychological issues to other individuals (for example, depression, anxiety, relationship stress, family problems, etc.); however, athletes experience these issues in a unique context and have additional pressures. She has found in her work with clients when this individual context is explored, the therapeutic results are far richer. *Dr. Gottstein is an ideal choice for athletes seeking therapy, as comfort and rapport are often more easily established when working with a clinician who is also a former competitive athlete.*

Athletes do not only work with Dr. Gottstein when experiencing a problem, but proactively also seek her out to increase mental strength, resilience, and confidence!

*Sport psychology is designed to help athletes overcome problems, enhancen their performance and achieve their goals. Coaches typically focus on the physical components of the sport, whereas psychologists focus on an athlete’s mind.*

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