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Ask Deeper Questions

Do you ever feel like people around you don’t truly know you? Maybe you only know basic facts about the […]

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Get Up and Dance!

Get Up and Dance! Along with burning calories and getting physical benefits, dancing helps your mind. Any type of dance […]

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Giving Thanks Makes Both People Happy

Not only does saying thank you to another person make that person feel appreciated and happy, it makes you feel […]

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Take Deep Breaths

Deep breathing has numerous health benefits: it decreases your stress response, blood pressure, and heart rate, making you calmer. Shallow […]

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Watch Comedians!

We all love a good laugh—that type of laugh where you can barely breathe because of how funny a joke […]

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Good News Network

Do you ever get tired of the endless depressing stories presented on the news? Watching the news helps keep you […]

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Drink a Moderate Amount of Caffeine

Your parents might have told you to avoid caffeine like the plague if you don’t want to damage your health. […]

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The Importance of Breathing

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with work (or life in general) that you slip into a cycle of anxiety? […]

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Feeling Down? Listen to Some Sad Music!

You might think that only listening to happy music will make you happy, but it turns out that sad songs […]

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Take a Bath

Have you ever felt anxious and nothing seems to make you feel better? A warm bath might be what you […]

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