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Separation and divorce can have a major impact on all those involved. Meaghan aims to identify these impacts, process thoughts and emotions surrounding separation and divorce, and help each person move forward with their life. As this can be a tumultuous time, Meaghan emphasizes the rights and dignity of each person involved in a separation and divorce and works with clients to effectively communicate and problem-solve.


Separation and divorce is a difficult experience, for the couple and for any children involved. Anna’s goal is to make this transition as smooth and positive as possible. She assists with processing emotions around the divorce, helping family members utilize coping strategies and grow as individuals, and developing action plans to improve the quality of life going forward. Anna works with both adults and children. With children, she helps them process their feelings and make sense of their new family structure to assist in the transition. Her therapy with children and teens provides support during this difficult life transition. Anna emphasizes self-care during this period of transition, teaches coping skills, and helps foster hope for the future for family members of all ages. With parents she provides support to each, and assists in establishing a healthy and effective co-parenting relationship for the benefit of the children, providing parents with strategies for effective communication and amicable co-parenting.


Ms. Carolyn Miller works with individuals who are facing separation or divorce and questioning how to navigate this tremendous life transition. She acknowledges the permeating nature of separation/divorce and helps clients build the skills to effectively identify its temporary and permanent impacts. She also works with clients to name and validate their emotions while making meaningful goals that develop their innate ability to confront this difficulty.


A time of upheaval in any relationship, Ms. Hope Venetta seeks to serve divorcing couples as they enter the next chapter of their lives. In her therapy work, she combines her passion for building self-esteem and self-acceptance with the structure of goal setting and steady movement toward goals. Ms. Venetta believes everyone has the ability to create a vision of the change they want in their lives, and take steps to make that vision reality. It is her belief that the most effective change happens when there is a therapeutic alliance of mutual trust and respect between the therapist and clients.


Dr. Jeff Fischer recognizes that divorce is a time fraught with conflict and complex emotions. Once couples have decided to separate, navigating the process often falls to the legal profession. Although lawyers are effective negotiators, they have limited tools available to them for the resolution of the emotional issues that emerge between separating spouses. Unfortunately, past relationship conflict often makes the separation process far more complex. Similarly, underlying emotional conflict can drive lengthy financial and custody disputes. Dr. Fischer uses psychological tools to help clients process the strong emotions associated with separation and divorce and clear the way for reaching effective settlements. Where appropriate, he also draws on his conflict resolution and mediation skills to help clients reach solutions to the many complex tactical and financial issues pertaining to divorce.


Dr. Erica Pritzker assists couples, families, and children to make the often stressful process of divorce as smooth and manageable as possible. She has experience working with children who are going through or who have experienced divorce in their family in processing this event and moving through it with a healthy and intact sense of self. She has also worked to help parents create plans for successful co-parenting. Dr. Pritzker works closely with parents to create a loving, secure environment in their homes so that the child feels safe to connect with both parents and others and individuate in healthy and effective ways. She approaches therapy with parents with a mix of cognitive-behavioral techniques and insight development, with a strong focus on coaching the parent in taking this new knowledge and skill achieved in therapy into their co-parenting relationship and home. Dr. Pritzker is particularly interested in working with parents through the divorce process to provide parent guidance in creating healthy households after divorce takes place.


Dr. Sophia Walder-Hoge supports individuals and families experiencing separation and divorce. She emphasizes effective communication, managing and processing intense emotions, increasing adaptive functioning and coping skills, and developing strengths-based positive action plans. Dr. Walder-Hoge works with both adults and children. For adults, she helps to explore and structure new expectations surrounding self and family functioning. For children, she provides support with framing the pertinent issues in developmentally appropriate ways, processing difficult emotions, and building resilience to meet significant changes adaptively. Dr. Walder-Hoge also provides support for parenting through separation and divorce. 


Ms. Deja Buckner works with children, families and couples who are adapting to the separation and divorce process. She works with children and adolescents to process their emotions and build coping skills on how to adapt to the changing of their family structure. She creates a therapeutic atmosphere for children and teens to share any emotions that may arise for them throughout the process. Additionally, she helps individuals and parents develop healthy communication and coping skills to manage their feelings during this transitional period.


Dr. Lindsey Ohler works with children, families and couples who are transitioning through the separation and divorce process. Providing supportive therapy, she works with children and adolescents to process their emotions in relation to the break-up of their family. Dr. Ohler provides a warm and safe environment for children and teens to share their fear, anger and sadness. Furthermore, with adults she helps individuals


Dr. Colleen Hamilton provides assistance to individuals transitioning following divorce or separation. Her individual work focuses on life-restructuring issues often seen during that time, such as identifying support systems, changing one’s peer groups, and effective co-parenting. As one of our resident child psychologists, she is well versed in helping parents understand, help, and guide their children through the divorce process. Dr. Hamilton also works with parents to develop an effective co-parenting relationship or parallel parenting system.


From the very beginning of her career with a B.S. in Child Development & Family Relationships, Dr. Lepage has been focusing on families, and she has extensive experience working with individuals, couples, parents, and children going through divorce. Dr. Lepage completed both her master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation in Clinical Psychology in the area of developing parenting plans, and is an expert in cooperative co-parenting and parallel parenting. Her combined experience in divorce transitions, child development, parenting plans, and conflict resolution make her highly sought out by people going through separation. She is skilled at helping within the traditional divorce model

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Heidi works compassionately with individuals and families who are considering or experiencing separation and divorce. Focusing on the use of positive communication, Heidi works with individuals to manage heightened emotions, identify coping strategies, and draw on their strengths to navigate this new territory. She works with children of separating and divorcing families to provide an outlet for their emotions while family dynamics shift. For divorcing couples who are also parents, Heidi provides support as the couple works toward a healthy co-parenting routine and relationship that focuses on the children.


Separation and divorce can be a challenging time that is often emotionally charged for both adults as well as children of any age that are involved in the process of redefining family. Melissa provides therapy in a safe, open, honest and non-biased setting to support them through this life transition and focuses on self-care and coping skills. Everyone involved want to understand what is happening and what lies ahead. Each person will be impacted differently based on their own personality, past experiences and their ability to have any control over what is happening. The emotions involved vary day to day and person to person and these feelings can be confusing, frustrating and painful. With parents, Melissa provides support to each individual as they face this life change and promotes establishing a healthy and effective co-parenting relationship for the benefit of the children. The goal is to identify their own part and work towards emerging from the loss of this relationship towards positive, healthy relationships going forward.


Cheryl Cohen works with couples, individuals and children (minors and adult children) experiencing the pre and post phases of separation and divorce. She approaches this fragile subject by providing a safe, open, honest, and neutral setting to address the issues that are present.


Just as every relationship is unique, every separation comes with its own challenges and grief. In the life of a family, separation or divorce is invariably a major event, affecting not only the couple but also their relatives and any children they may have. Seeking therapy around a separation or divorce can help all people involved process the experience and navigate the future. Dr. Maestre has experience working individuals, couples, children and families undergoing separation and divorce. She is interested in helping children understand and cope with divorce in age-appropriate ways, supporting separating couples in their communications around co-parenting and other important decisions, and helping each individual adult formulate a plan for their next life chapter.

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Dr. Kevin Metz assists couples, families, and children to make the often stressful process of divorce as smooth and manageable as possible. He has significant experience working with children and teenagers who are going through or who have experienced divorce in their family in processing this event and moving through it with a healthy and intact sense of self. Dr. Metz is particularly interested in working with parents through the divorce process to provide parent guidance in creating healthy households after divorce takes place.