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Separation and divorce can be a challenging time that is often emotionally charged for both adults as well as children of any age that are involved in the process of redefining family. Melissa provides therapy in a safe, open, honest and non-biased setting to support them through this life transition and focuses on self-care and coping skills. Everyone involved want to understand what is happening and what lies ahead. Each person will be impacted differently based on their own personality, past experiences and their ability to have any control over what is happening. The emotions involved vary day to day and person to person and these feelings can be confusing, frustrating and painful. With parents, Melissa provides support to each individual as they face this life change and promotes establishing a healthy and effective co-parenting relationship for the benefit of the children. The goal is to identify their own part and work towards emerging from the loss of this relationship towards positive, healthy relationships going forward.


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