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Cheryl Cohen works with couples, individuals and children (minors and adult children) experiencing the pre and post phases of separation and divorce. She approaches this fragile subject by providing a safe, open, honest, and neutral setting to address the issues that are present. Parents, children, and individuals without children all want to understand what happened and what’s to come. Cheryl applies a neutral, non-judgemental understanding of what is being experienced and how to cope with it. How each person is affected by this change will be different, and previous experiences involving grief and loss, abandonment (real or perceived), and the inability to have power over what is happening contribute to how one handles the current situation. Everyone in the family is affected when relationships end. Each person, including the person who initiates the separation, has a multitude of emotions and thoughts that can be confusing, frustrating, painful, etc. For children, she provides supportive therapy as they work through their feelings regarding the end of their parents’ marriage and what it means for them now and in the future.

For the adults separating, Cheryl also helps them process their feelings and start to imagine a new vision for the future. No one plans on getting married and then ending the marriage. People change and grow constantly. We are not who we were when we first met, and unfortunately for some couples these changes lead to relationship dissatisfaction. Why do some couples make it and some don’t? This is the $10 million dollar question. Separation and divorce are unpleasant for all, and feelings of fear, humiliation, hurt and sadness can manifest into a need to control, be right, blame, and punish. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Both people in the relationship have a role, whether small or large, in how things got to where they are. Cheryl believes it is important for each person to look at themselves and identify and own what their part is for their own personal growth moving forward. It is vital for each person to learn about themselves so that future relationships (couples, parent/child, employee/employer, and friendships) can be stronger and healthier.

Cheryl supports and guides each person to emerge from the loss of the relationship with the ability to move forward in the most emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy manner possible.


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