From the very beginning of her career with a B.S. in Child Development & Family Relationships, Dr. Lepage has been focusing on families, and she has extensive experience working with individuals, couples, parents, and children going through divorce. Dr. Lepage completed both her master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation in Clinical Psychology in the area of developing parenting plans, and is an expert in cooperative co-parenting and parallel parenting. Her combined experience in divorce transitions, child development, parenting plans, and conflict resolution make her highly sought out by people going through separation. She is skilled at helping within the traditional divorce model that most use, and is an advocate for the non-adversarial model of collaborative divorce.

Dr. Tina Lepage was the first psychologist in the Triangle to become fully trained in collaborative divorce (CD), and she continues to be the most highly trained and experienced mental health professional working in CD in this geographic area. Since 2004 Dr. Lepage has engaged in well over 200 hours of training in CD and mediation, and works with numerous families each year going though this transition. A leader in CD in the Triangle, Dr. Lepage was the Case Manager and Child Specialist on the first Full Team CD in this area, and is on the Executive Committee of the NC Association of Collaborative Divorce Professionals. Her training and experience includes the Full Team and Referral Models of CD.

Dr. Lepage completed both her clinical master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation in the area of developing parenting plans, determining the highest quality protocol for assessing child and family needs and then addressing those needs in potential parenting arrangements. At Lepage Associates she went on to develop a unique, tiered approach to parenting plan consults and to custody evaluations which meets the information and cost needs of every family. Click here for additional information on her qualifications regarding parenting plans and custody evaluations, as well as for a list of frequently asked questions regarding custody evaluations. Dr. Lepage is certified to act as a Parent Coordinator in NC, and is an expert in Cooperative Co-Parenting and Parallel Parenting. She brings the expertise of understanding the unique developmental needs from birth through the teen years, and understanding the dynamics of family relationships. She is able to address how these intersect, that is, how the various family relationships are meeting the developmental needs of the child.

A related area of expertise for Dr. Lepage has been career counseling, and she has developed and managed successful professional growth programs for universities, corporations, and the U.S. military. This area of expertise can be very helpful as people going through divorce reconsider career paths and choices, or struggle with practical issues such as selling oneself after years out of the workforce, selling oneself into a new profession, job searching, resume writing, and successful interviewing.


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