Dr. Erica Pritzker assists couples, families, and children to make the often stressful process of divorce as smooth and manageable as possible. She has experience working with children who are going through or who have experienced divorce in their family in processing this event and moving through it with a healthy and intact sense of self. She has also worked to help parents create plans for successful co-parenting. Dr. Pritzker works closely with parents to create a loving, secure environment in their homes so that the child feels safe to connect with both parents and others and individuate in healthy and effective ways. She approaches therapy with parents with a mix of cognitive-behavioral techniques and insight development, with a strong focus on coaching the parent in taking this new knowledge and skill achieved in therapy into their co-parenting relationship and home. Dr. Pritzker is particularly interested in working with parents through the divorce process to provide parent guidance in creating healthy households after divorce takes place.


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