Page Tsirigotis is one of the bloggers and office manager assistants here at Lepage Associates. An excellent writer, she regularly writes posts for our Happiness Blog and Something to Ponder blog. When at the office, her daily tasks at the front desk include checking people in, billing, records management, and other administrative tasks as needed. Page is a student in the Honors College (‘Honors Carolina’) at UNC-CH majoring in psychology and neuroscience. More broadly her academic interests include neuroscience research, psychology, mechanical engineering, and design. In addition to her writing and admin assistant duties, she used her design skills at Lepage Associates to complete an internship project on suggestions for redesign of the main office suite based on color theory, and she was responsible for the interior design plans for the new Raleigh office and new second Durham office. When Page manages to step away from her schoolwork for a few minutes, she enjoys baking, participating in theatre, exercising, and spending time with friends.


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