Ms. Meaghan Brackin is a licensed clinical mental health counselor associate (LCMHCA) as well as a certified rehabilitation counselor (CRC). She received her master’s degree in mental health counseling and clinical rehabilitation from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and has been working and volunteering in the field of mental health and human services for over eight years. Meaghan has worked in a wide variety of settings, to include outpatient private practice, inpatient hospital care, school programs, and community mental health. She has experience providing psychotherapy and testing/evaluations. Her experience is across the lifespan, as she has worked with all ages, to include children, teens, adults. Meaghan also has specialized training for working with individuals with disabilities; certified rehabilitation counselors are the only professional counselors educated and trained at the graduate level specifically to serve individuals with disabilities.

Evaluation Experience: Meaghan enjoys assessment work and is experienced in determining diagnoses and recommendations that support optimal care. Her breadth of evaluation training includes psychological, educational, ASD, rehabilitation, and disability evaluations with all ages, as well as forensic evaluations for court. Although at Lepage Associates Meaghan only does evaluations, she is also an experienced therapist, and is well aware of how important it is to provide practical and usable information and recommendations to her evaluation clients.

Research: Meaghan’s broad research experience includes the areas of neuropsychology and tests of executive functioning, personality development, rehabilitation and outcomes for individuals with brain injury, and intimate partner violence. In one study related to AD/HD testing, she evaluated the psychological properties of self-report measures, performance validity measures, and neuropsychological tests, analyzing the convergence of self-report versus performance-based measures of executive functioning. Two other studies related to personality development. Meaghan transcribed and coded qualitative interviews of black women’s narratives and conducted statistical analyses of quantitative measures of stress, resilience, and well-being, analyzing the relationship between well-being and coping in black women. In research related to brain injury, she investigated the impact of the family on community integration and participation for individuals with brain injury, and investigated the impacts of brain injury on individuals who serve as primary caregivers. Lastly, her master’s thesis focused on effective therapy for victims of domestic violence, titled ‘Effective Treatments for the Persistent Negative Impacts of Intimate Partner Violence.’ Her research resulted in the following professional presentations:

Simons, M.U., Rockhold, M.N., Brackin, M.E., Nitta, M. E., Ritchie, K. A., Hoelzle, J.B. (2019). The Utility of the CAARS Inconsistency Index in Detecting Feigned AD/HD in a Collegiate Population. Midwestern Psychology Association Conference, Chicago, IL.

Brackin, M.E. How different coping strategies utilized by black women relate to levels of depression, anxiety, and well-being. (2019). Marquette Diversity in Psychology Research Conference, Milwaukee, WI.

Brackin, M.E. Exploring the Complexities of Traumatic Stress Presentation: Comorbidity, Symptomatology, and Behavior. (2020). Marquette University Research Symposium, Milwaukee, WI.


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