Dr. Maggie Carraway

In her forensic work, Dr. Maggie Carraway maintains her non-judgmental and genuine approach which is part of her clinical work, though recognizes the importance of differentiating her role when engaging in forensic work. In addition to doing forensic work in private practice, Dr. Carraway has experience working in various forensic settings including inpatient hospitals and correctional facilities. She has conducted detailed forensic evaluations for federal courts on issues such as competency to stand trial, sexual dangerousness, and mental status at the time of the alleged offense. For family and civil courts, she is able to provide psychological evaluations, substance abuse evaluations, risk assessments, competency/capacity evaluations, immigration evaluations, and parental capacity evaluations, to name a few. Dr. Carraway has also provided forensic therapy treatment in individual and group settings to civilly committed individuals. Her main focus and expertise are in conducting a wide variety of forensic evaluations for criminal and civil courts.


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