At Lepage Associates, we offer truly comprehensive mental health services by having adult and child psychiatry on-site in addition to adult and child psychologists.


At Lepage Associates we make every effort to provide you with the highest quality mental health services available. To join the Lepage Associates team, our therapists and evaluators must have the highest education available in mental health, i.e., a doctorate degree in psychology, or, a master’s degree with a minimum of 10 years experience. (At times we may also have doctoral students in training.) Your service provider will also hold other master and undergraduate level degrees in psychology and/or related areas, and may have additional specialty certifications or training. While all of our clinicians are trained as generalists, each also has unique areas of expertise, and we pride ourselves on the breadth of specialties we are able to offer clients.

Rae Ann Hamilton, LPA


Rae Ann Hamilton has more than twenty-five years of experience working with individuals of all ages doing both therapy and evaluations. She earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and is licensed by the North Carolina Psychology Board. Mrs. Hamilton has worked in a variety of settings including: private and group practices; pre-school, primary, secondary and postsecondary educational venues; and community mental health. She enjoys working with individuals, couples and families. In both therapy and testing she treats all presenting problems (with the exception of autism). Mrs. Hamilton also has a high regard for our military families, for whom she has sought specific training that enables her to meet their unique needs.


Mrs. Hamilton believes it is essential to the therapeutic process to have a therapist with whom you feel comfortable and with whom there is mutual trust and respect. This type of therapeutic alliance, in conjunction with an empathetic, non-judgmental environment, allows the client and therapist to work together to resolve issues that are causing distress. Mrs. Hamilton incorporates several therapeutic approaches in her work including Client-Centered, Humanistic, Cognitive-Behavioral, Insight-Oriented (Psychodynamic), Behavior Management, and Psychoeducation, depending on the client’s presenting issue(s). Mrs. Hamilton considers it a privilege to assist courageous individuals and families in their personal journeys to improve their lives.


Over the years, Mrs. Hamilton has worked with adults confronted with a wide variety of challenges including struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, life transitions, and interpersonal relationship difficulties in the work place or home setting. With expertise in marital conflict and teenager/parental discord, she is particularly interested in working with couples and families, focusing on communication skills, conflict resolution, decision-making and parenting skills. Mrs. Hamilton’s experience with children and teenagers involves individual and family therapy. Areas of therapeutic intervention with young people range from emotional awareness to anger management to transitioning from high school to college, and she has experience treating a wide range of child and teen issues such as depression, anxiety (general, social, test, etc.), social skills, self-esteem, and behavior management.


Mrs. Hamilton provides both educational and psychological evaluations. She has specialized training and experience diagnosing and working with adults and children/teens with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD, also commonly called ‘ADD’) and Specific Learning Disabilities (also commonly called ‘LD’). Through a comprehensive evaluation process, Mrs. Hamilton identifies specific issues that are causing learning and/or life difficulties and then makes effective recommendations for interventions and treatment decisions. In addition to AD/HD and SLD assessments, she has evaluated individuals for giftedness as well as emotional and behavioral issues. Mrs. Hamilton has also completed evaluations for individuals seeking to adopt.

Lindsey Ohler, Psy.D.

LindseyDr. Lindsey Ohler is a licensed psychologist; she has a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH and has worked with children, adolescents, young adults and adults. Dr. Ohler has practiced in a variety of settings including private practice, businesses, community mental health centers, the juvenile court system, college counseling centers, inpatient facilities, outpatient hospitals, and a clinical research lab investigating the neurocircuitry of eating disorders.

Intervention Style: Dr. Ohler has an integrative style to therapy and individualizes treatment to meet each client’s unique experience. She utilizes a client-centered approach while incorporating Behavioral, Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical Behavioral, and Mindfulness-Based therapies. Dr. Ohler begins the therapeutic process by gaining an in-depth understanding of the client’s life and experiences and then collaboratively designs treatment goals to meet the client’s distinctive needs. Dr. Ohler is extensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy, participating in experiential-based training and co-facilitating Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training groups. She values how DBT skills are wonderful tools that can be beneficial to most people, and integrates aspects of DBT into her therapeutic approach, particularly when clients experience interpersonal challenges and/or want to improve how they experience and handle their emotions.

Therapy Experience with Adults: Dr. Ohler has provided brief, solution-focused treatment for specific symptoms in addition to long-term treatment depending on the problem at hand. Her clinical experience has involved working with adult clients confronted with a broad array of challenges including anxiety, depression, self-injurious behavior, interpersonal/relationship difficulties, social skill deficits, self-confidence, sexual identity development, drug and alcohol problems, stress during major life transitions, sexual trauma, emotion dysregulation, disordered eating and body image concerns. Dr. Ohler has co-facilitated groups for Dialectical Behavioral Skills Training, substance abuse, and disorder eating. She has also worked with couples and families that have a loved one struggling with an eating disorder. In addition she has extensive experience with executive coaching and facilitating leadership development of managers.

Therapy Experience with Children: Dr. Ohler has worked in therapy with children of all ages. Some of her specialized experiences include milieu therapy for children on the autism spectrum and individual therapy for teenagers transitioning into college. Her broad work with teenagers has included challenges such as transitioning from family life to independence, developing self-identity, and navigating both social and intimate relationships. She enjoys collaborating with teenagers as they embark on defining their core values, sense of identity and personal mission as well as developing their personal views of the world. Dr. Ohler has also provided competency attainment educational interventions with children and adolescents in the criminal justice system.

Assessments: Dr. Ohler has experience completing psychological, educational, and neuropsychological assessments with children and adults of all ages. She has conducted psychological and neuropsychological evaluations assessing emotional functioning, eating habits, suicide and self-injury and executive functioning. Dr. Ohler is highly competent in assessing intellectual and adaptive abilities, personality, diagnosis, emotional functioning, behavioral functioning, eating behaviors, body image concerns and self-injurious behaviors. In additional to the more standard psychological and educational assessments, her specialty experience has included psychological evaluations of children and adolescents at an inpatient facility and autism spectrum evaluations of children at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital as well as dispositional, bindover and competency-to-stand trial evaluations in the juvenile court system.

Research: Dr. Ohler has an active research career with multiple conference presentations and is published in the Casebook of Evidence-Based of Eating Disorders. Dr. Ohler has investigated and provided therapy for clients with body image concerns and disordered eating. Her doctoral dissertation evaluated how young adults perceived varying female body shapes in the absence of aesthetic beauty. Dr. Ohler has also served as a therapist and assessor in clinical research investigations evaluating therapeutic approaches for addressing disordered eating. In another area of research, she has research and consultation experience in both government and private sectors, completing program evaluations of community services, coaching and facilitating leadership development of managers, and conducting research on workplace environments.

Personal: Dr. Ohler spends her time exploring new areas by bicycling and hiking around the Triangle. She enjoys attending cultural events such as galleries, concerts and art fairs. Her creative passion is designing and creating stained glass panels and novelties for friends and family.

Julie Michalowski, Psy.D.

Julie MichalowskiDr. Julie Michalowski is a licensed psychologist who provides individual, couples, family, and group therapy, in addition to a range of psychological and educational assessments. Providing therapy she has worked predominantly with teenagers, young adults, adults, and geriatric clients, and providing evaluations she has worked with all ages, children as well as adults. Dr. Julie Michalowski has a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology and has practiced in a variety of settings to include private practice, community mental health, hospitals, and college counseling. She has also completed specialty training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

Intervention Style: Dr. Michalowski places much emphasis on the therapeutic relationship, believing it to be a great vehicle for change during the therapy process. She collaborates with clients, tailoring goals to each individual’s specific needs, and helping them develop skills to overcome problems. Dr. Michalowski approaches therapy primarily through client-centered and interpersonal orientations, while incorporating empirically-validated therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). She is a big believer in the usefulness of DBT, especially for those individuals experiencing difficulty with emotion regulation and interpersonal relationships.

Therapy Experience with Adults: Dr. Michalowski focuses on establishing goals that are solution-focused while also incorporating a piece of psychoeducational material to help the individual gain an understanding of the etiology of their experienced difficulties. She believes in educating her clients about the stages of change and helping them identify where they are in the cycle. Dr. Michalowski has worked with and helped adults experiencing all forms of anxiety, mood disorders, severe and persistent mental illness, emotion dysregulation, trauma and abuse, parenting difficulties, and strained relationships.

Therapy Experience with Teens and Young Adults: Dr. Michalowski is passionate about working with teens and young adults. Her approach to therapy is similar to that with adults, while taking into special consideration the developmental level and life stage of the individual. The teens and young adults that Dr. Michalowski has worked with in the past have reported feeling understood in the therapeutic relationship and motivated to play an active role in the therapy process. Dr. Michalowski is able to connect with teens and young adults, meeting them where they are at in the process of change. Having a creative side, she incorporates games, art, sports, and music into her therapy style. Dr. Michalowski has worked with and helped teens and young adults experiencing anxiety, mood disorders, trauma and abuse, relationship conflict with family and peers, emotion dysregulation, identity development, and other adjustment difficulties that come along in the day to day life of a teenager and young adult.

Assessments: Dr. Michalowski has experience completing psychological assessments with individuals at each developmental level. She is competent in assessing IQ and adaptive abilities, behavioral functioning, parent rating scales, personality and emotional functioning, substance abuse, and a range of forensic evaluations. She has worked with custody cases requiring evaluation of all family members.

Personal: Dr. Michalowski enjoys most outdoor activities, especially if she can do them with her black lab, Dodger. She enjoys exploring new places, trying unique food and restaurants, and listening to live music. Her creative side has her often scrolling Pinterest for DIY projects and new recipes. Dr. Michalowski has also recently pursued interests in photography and triathlons.

Tina Lepage, Psy.D.

Dr. Tina Lepage Dr. Tina Lepage is the founder of Lepage Associates. She is a specialist in: personal and professional relationship issues; children, adolescents, and families; psychological, educational, and forensic evaluations; and personal growth pursuits. She holds a Doctorate and Masters in clinical psychology and a Bachelor of Science in child development & family relationships, as well as a Master’s in management, and is a Licensed Psychologist. Dr. Lepage is experienced in individual, couples/marriage, family, and group therapy for adults and teens; play therapy for children; psychological, educational, and forensic evaluations for all ages; separation and divorce; family court matters (forensics); and management. Read More→

Colleen Hamilton, Psy.D.

Dr. Colleen HamiltonDr. Colleen Hamilton provides individual, family and group therapy to clients of all ages, and is known for her creativity as a therapist. She has worked with children as young as four through adults in their 80s. Dr. Hamilton has worked in a variety of settings including outpatient clinics, day treatment programs, school settings, and inpatient facilities. In addition to providing therapy, Dr. Hamilton is also experienced in conducting educational and psychological evaluations. She is a Licensed Psychologist and holds a Doctorate inClinical Psychology with training focused on work with children, adolescents, and families. Areas of special interest include childhood trauma, adolescent depression, family relationships, and self-care.

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EXPERTISE WITH CHILDREN: In her work with children Dr. Hamilton uses a variety of approaches including play therapy, behavior modification, and parent training and coaching, and is known for her creativity in therapy. For example, a family experiencing fights at every family meal might come in to find the office set up with a dinner table and food, to allow for direct observation and hands-on intervention by Dr. Hamilton. Her dissertation examined the use of expressive therapies in treating children. She researched the integration of play therapy, sand tray therapy, art therapy, music therapy, and body movement therapy in conjunction with more traditional forms of psychotherapy in the treatment children, and made suggestions for applying these techniques.

Dr. Hamilton’s experience with children and teens includes individual, group, and family therapy, in addition to educational and psychological testing. Presenting concerns include anxiety, depression, behavior problems, academic achievement, low self-esteem, peer relationships, attention difficulties, mood disorders, trauma and abuse, self care, and parent-child relational difficulties. Dr. Hamilton enjoys working with adolescents to address common difficulties with mood stabilization, identity development, independence, and body image concerns.  In the area of trauma, she worked as both a Therapist and Research Coordinator for a Child & Adolescent Traumatic Stress Program, and has presented papers on the impact of terrorism on children. In the area of self care, Dr. Hamilton has researched and presented papers on using positive reinforcement to alter eating and exercise patterns in obese adolescent females.

Dr. Hamilton has also led groups focused on the development of social skills, coping skills, and loss and separation. She works with families to address conflict resolution, noncompliance, and communication, and often participates in educational advocacy for her clients within the schools. Children and adolescents are significantly impacted by various systems outside of their control and Dr. Hamilton works to include all systems in their treatment to achieve optimum results.

EXPERTISE WITH ADULTS: In her clinical work with adults, Dr. Hamilton has experience in treating symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as problems associated with life changes, interpersonal relationships, divorce, and traumatic experiences. Her group work has focused on psychoeducation, self-esteem building, and health and wellness. She also works with adults in couple’s therapy addressing communication, decision making, and strengthening relationships. Dr. Hamilton employs a variety of strategies including cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, and systemic therapy to further empower clients to make healthy and adaptive decisions in their lives with a goal of decreasing stress and improving satisfaction with self and interpersonal relationships.

Erica Blystone, LCSW

Erica Blystone, LCSWErica Blystone has been working as a therapist for over 10 years and is licensed in NC. Some of her special interests and areas of expertise include couples counseling, mood and anxiety disorders, family of origin issues, and growth work. She is highly experienced in two therapy techniques empirically validated to be effective: cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical-behavior therapy (DBT). Read More→

Kevin Metz, Psy.D.

Dr. Kevin MetzDr. Kevin Metz is a licensed psychologist; he has a doctoral and master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UNC-Chapel Hill. Dr. Metz provides individual, family, and couples therapy, in addition to psychological assessment services, for people struggling with a wide array of challenges in their lives. He has experience working in a broad variety of settings, including mental health clinics, outreach services within the community, and university counseling centers.

Dr. Metz’s approach to psychotherapy is that of a humanist; he believes the goal of effective therapy is the facilitation of the client’s sense of realizing their unique potential. Thus, Dr. Metz attempts to allow his clients a good deal of supported autonomy and responsibility in their work together. Within that framework, however, he may utilize many precise techniques, including talk therapy, journaling, meditation, role-play, dream work, guided imagery, education including recommended readings, and other methods. Dr. Metz’s approach is very client-centered and he works with different people in different ways. Therefore, he prioritizes taking the time to learn about the people he works with so the therapy can be grounded in how they see themselves, their journey, and their values.

Dr. Metz was trained in and implements an intentional integrative therapeutic style, and thus incorporates cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and Gestalt methods in his therapy. His work and personal life are also deeply informed by mindfulness and meditation techniques, and he utilizes these techniques with most clients. In addition, Dr. Metz recognizes and embraces the profound experience of a therapeutic relationship, and understands that a fully accepting and non-judgmental relationship can in and of itself be a precipitant to change. Thus, his work typically includes a curious exploration of what occurs in the therapeutic room.

Dr. Metz has also been trained in depth in mindfulness- and acceptance- based theories and techniques, and has extensive experience incorporating these concepts into his psychotherapy. This training has included week-long experiential seminars based on Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Insight Dialogue, in addition to others. He has facilitated meditation groups, led meditation-oriented outreach presentations to the community, and studied a number of different perspectives on mindfulness. His dissertation research explored the relationship between authenticity and mindfulness, results supporting there is a relationship between the two.

EXPERTISE WITH ADULTS: Dr. Metz has experience providing brief, solution-focused therapy addressing specific symptoms, in addition to experience providing long-term psychotherapy oriented towards characterological change. His clinical experience includes particular interests and expertise in mood challenges, the process of adolescent and young adult individuation, couples therapy, and the journey of self-actualization. He has worked with adult clients confronted with a multitude of challenges including anxiety (both specific and generalized), depression, bi-polar disorder, substance abuse, relationship difficulties, trauma, phobias, identity development, self-esteem issues, gender transitions, disordered eating, sexual performance difficulties, stress management, parenting challenges, grief work, and an array of other issues.

Dr. Metz has extensive experience addressing concerns related to substance use and abuse. Some of these concerns include overuse, self-medication, effects of use on relationships, the loss of healthy coping skills, consequences on academic/work performance, and relapse prevention. He believes substance use is an issue that can permeate many aspects of one’s daily life, and comprehensive treatment explores all these areas.

EXPERTISE WITH CHILDREN & FAMILIES: Dr. Metz has a particular interest in working with children and their families. His clients report that he is able to make them feel comfortable and he is able to connect with them on a deep level, and that ability extends to his work with children. His clinical work has addressed many issues relevant to children and adolescents coming of age in today’s society including childhood anxiety and depression, trauma, academic performance issues, challenges related to the autistic spectrum, emotional regulation, issues arising from divorce, social skills, disordered eating, and the process of adolescent individuation.

Dr. Metz believes that comprehensive family care is typically a key component to thorough, lasting work with children and adolescents. Thus, he views the client’s symptoms in terms of the familial system and may make recommendations regarding home life. He prioritizes making a thorough assessment of the role the reported symptom plays within the family system, and adjusting his work accordingly.

PERSONAL: Dr. Metz is a member of the American Psychological Association. He spends his time outside the office milling about the Triangle with his family, friends, and pug Sebastian. He enjoys kayaking local rivers, camping at state parks, exploring local golf courses, in meditation, and playing the guitar. He has been fortunate to have travelled extensively around the world, and those experiences inform his personal and professional life.


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