Dr. Colleen HamiltonDr. Colleen Hamilton provides individual, family and group therapy to clients of all ages, and is known for her creativity as a therapist. She has worked with children as young as four through adults in their 80s. Dr. Hamilton has worked in a variety of settings including outpatient clinics, day treatment programs, school settings, and inpatient facilities. In addition to providing therapy, Dr. Hamilton is also experienced in conducting educational and psychological evaluations. She is a Licensed Psychologist and holds a Doctorate inClinical Psychology with training focused on work with children, adolescents, and families. Areas of special interest include childhood trauma, adolescent depression, family relationships, and self-care.

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EXPERTISE WITH CHILDREN: In her work with children Dr. Hamilton uses a variety of approaches including play therapy, behavior modification, and parent training and coaching, and is known for her creativity in therapy. For example, a family experiencing fights at every family meal might come in to find the office set up with a dinner table and food, to allow for direct observation and hands-on intervention by Dr. Hamilton. Her dissertation examined the use of expressive therapies in treating children. She researched the integration of play therapy, sand tray therapy, art therapy, music therapy, and body movement therapy in conjunction with more traditional forms of psychotherapy in the treatment children, and made suggestions for applying these techniques.

Dr. Hamilton’s experience with children and teens includes individual, group, and family therapy, in addition to educational and psychological testing. Presenting concerns include anxiety, depression, behavior problems, academic achievement, low self-esteem, peer relationships, attention difficulties, mood disorders, trauma and abuse, self care, and parent-child relational difficulties. Dr. Hamilton enjoys working with adolescents to address common difficulties with mood stabilization, identity development, independence, and body image concerns.  In the area of trauma, she worked as both a Therapist and Research Coordinator for a Child & Adolescent Traumatic Stress Program, and has presented papers on the impact of terrorism on children. In the area of self care, Dr. Hamilton has researched and presented papers on using positive reinforcement to alter eating and exercise patterns in obese adolescent females.

Dr. Hamilton has also led groups focused on the development of social skills, coping skills, and loss and separation. She works with families to address conflict resolution, noncompliance, and communication, and often participates in educational advocacy for her clients within the schools. Children and adolescents are significantly impacted by various systems outside of their control and Dr. Hamilton works to include all systems in their treatment to achieve optimum results.

EXPERTISE WITH ADULTS: In her clinical work with adults, Dr. Hamilton has experience in treating symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as problems associated with life changes, interpersonal relationships, divorce, and traumatic experiences. Her group work has focused on psychoeducation, self-esteem building, and health and wellness. She also works with adults in couple’s therapy addressing communication, decision making, and strengthening relationships. Dr. Hamilton employs a variety of strategies including cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, and systemic therapy to further empower clients to make healthy and adaptive decisions in their lives with a goal of decreasing stress and improving satisfaction with self and interpersonal relationships.


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