LindseyDr. Lindsey Ohler is a licensed psychologist; she has a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH and has worked with children, adolescents, young adults and adults. Dr. Ohler has practiced in a variety of settings including private practice, businesses, community mental health centers, the juvenile court system, college counseling centers, inpatient facilities, outpatient hospitals, and a clinical research lab investigating the neurocircuitry of eating disorders.

Intervention Style: Dr. Ohler has an integrative style to therapy and individualizes treatment to meet each client’s unique experience. She utilizes a client-centered approach while incorporating Behavioral, Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical Behavioral, and Mindfulness-Based therapies. Dr. Ohler begins the therapeutic process by gaining an in-depth understanding of the client’s life and experiences and then collaboratively designs treatment goals to meet the client’s distinctive needs. Dr. Ohler is extensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy, participating in experiential-based training and co-facilitating Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training groups. She values how DBT skills are wonderful tools that can be beneficial to most people, and integrates aspects of DBT into her therapeutic approach, particularly when clients experience interpersonal challenges and/or want to improve how they experience and handle their emotions.

Therapy Experience with Adults: Dr. Ohler has provided brief, solution-focused treatment for specific symptoms in addition to long-term treatment depending on the problem at hand. Her clinical experience has involved working with adult clients confronted with a broad array of challenges including anxiety, depression, self-injurious behavior, interpersonal/relationship difficulties, social skill deficits, self-confidence, sexual identity development, drug and alcohol problems, stress during major life transitions, sexual trauma, emotion dysregulation, disordered eating and body image concerns. Dr. Ohler has co-facilitated groups for Dialectical Behavioral Skills Training, substance abuse, and disorder eating. She has also worked with couples and families that have a loved one struggling with an eating disorder. In addition she has extensive experience with executive coaching and facilitating leadership development of managers.

Therapy Experience with Children: Dr. Ohler has worked in therapy with children of all ages. Some of her specialized experiences include milieu therapy for children on the autism spectrum and individual therapy for teenagers transitioning into college. Her broad work with teenagers has included challenges such as transitioning from family life to independence, developing self-identity, and navigating both social and intimate relationships. She enjoys collaborating with teenagers as they embark on defining their core values, sense of identity and personal mission as well as developing their personal views of the world. Dr. Ohler has also provided competency attainment educational interventions with children and adolescents in the criminal justice system.

Assessments: Dr. Ohler has experience completing psychological, educational, and neuropsychological assessments with children and adults of all ages. She has conducted psychological and neuropsychological evaluations assessing emotional functioning, eating habits, suicide and self-injury and executive functioning. Dr. Ohler is highly competent in assessing intellectual and adaptive abilities, personality, diagnosis, emotional functioning, behavioral functioning, eating behaviors, body image concerns and self-injurious behaviors. In additional to the more standard psychological and educational assessments, her specialty experience has included psychological evaluations of children and adolescents at an inpatient facility and autism spectrum evaluations of children at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital as well as dispositional, bindover and competency-to-stand trial evaluations in the juvenile court system.

Research: Dr. Ohler has an active research career with multiple conference presentations and is published in the Casebook of Evidence-Based of Eating Disorders. Dr. Ohler has investigated and provided therapy for clients with body image concerns and disordered eating. Her doctoral dissertation evaluated how young adults perceived varying female body shapes in the absence of aesthetic beauty. Dr. Ohler has also served as a therapist and assessor in clinical research investigations evaluating therapeutic approaches for addressing disordered eating. In another area of research, she has research and consultation experience in both government and private sectors, completing program evaluations of community services, coaching and facilitating leadership development of managers, and conducting research on workplace environments.

Personal: Dr. Ohler spends her time exploring new areas by bicycling and hiking around the Triangle. She enjoys attending cultural events such as galleries, concerts and art fairs. Her creative passion is designing and creating stained glass panels and novelties for friends and family.


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