Premarital Counseling

We have all heard the grim statistics about divorce rates in our country. During the hustle and excitement of wedding planning, it is easy to assume (or wish) that those statistics will not apply to the marriage you will share with your soon-to-be spouse. The bad news is wishing is not sufficient to divorce-proof your marriage! Can you imagine what would happen if you depended solely on wishful thinking to get into college, be successful in a career, or achieve another goal you have set for yourself? The good news is that premarital counseling can help give you a plan to achieve the goal of having a successful marriage. Research has shown that participating in premarital counseling can help reduce your risk of divorce by up to 30%. In addition, research has found that the year before marriage through the first six months of marriage is the optimal time to participate in counseling. Couples who enter premarital counseling take advantage of this research-supported prime time to develop healthy relationship patterns, therefore preventing unhealthy patterns from forming. Couples who choose to enter therapy after unhealthy patterns have formed have usually been unhappy for quite some time, have experienced some damage to the relationship, and find therapy to take much longer to improve the quality of their marriage.In premarital counseling, your therapist will help you develop a plan to deal with all aspects of marriage, including dealing with in-laws, finances, conflict management, expectations, communication, intimacy, and long-term goals. At Lepage Associates we believe each couple has different strengths and weaknesses, and our approach to premarital counseling reflects this belief. Your therapist will listen to your specific concerns and goals and develop a counseling plan to address them. Just as all your hard work planning your wedding will be enjoyed on your big day, premarital counseling will be the preparation that will allow you to enjoy your relationship all the days that follow.

In addition to being therapists specializing in relationships, and having our own set of relationship therapy skills to draw from, at Lepage Associates we can also utilize the nationally recognized PREPARE marriage prep workbook. If your wedding officiant and/or church has a requirement for premarital counseling/education, typically sessions with one of our therapists will meet that requirement (of course, ask your officiant to be sure). Marriage prep at Lepage Associates makes a great gift for the happy couple as well!

Are you planning for a day…or a lifetime?

Planning for a day

Wedding dress….$1,500
Groom’s tux…$100
Flowers and décor…$1,500
Transportation & Lodging…$600
Favors & Gifts…$500
Wedding rings…$500
One beautiful day…$25,000

Planning for a lifetime

Marriage preparation at Lepage Associates

  • Initial 55-minute session ($195)
  • Premarital Building a Strong Marriage (incorporated as desired)
  • *Six premarital counseling sessions with a therapist in marital preparation ($175 each)

(*Six sessions are suggested but not required; based on your unique needs you can do less or more.)

Lifetime of Relationship Satisfaction…$1,245


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