I thought I’d enjoy the Jack and Jill sinks in our master bathroom. I wouldn’t have to wait to straighten my hair while he brushed his teeth because we could do it at the same time—genius idea! Three months into the new bathroom and this genius idea has created a battleground. Combs and hand lotions left on the sink countertop are strategic moves to conquer additional territory. Every day we dance around one another as we reach for soap while arguing about how there isn’t enough space for me to do my makeup. We entertain the idea of one of us moving to the guest bathroom, but haven’t accepted this as a viable alternative to our predicament.

You may be wondering, “Why doesn’t one of you just move out?” Because life isn’t always so easy and there aren’t always extra bathrooms. We have problem-solved and acted on many ideas, like switching sinks and rearranging our hygiene products, but none have helped us. We persist because compromise and learning to share space is critical for all our relationship. We don’t view the bathroom as a hindrance, but as an obstacle we will overcome somehow. After all, it’s the space where we connect in the morning by discussing national news, planning our days, and joking with one another. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

We sometimes need outside help for the Jack and Jill sinks in our lives when they feel unsolvable or unbearable. Check out our couple’s therapists who can help you make some improvements in your relationship.


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