“Fear is the brain’s way of saying that there is something important for you to overcome.” Rachel Huber

What’s the difference between fear and being scared? Being scared is temporary, it affects you in the moment, like when your friend jumps out from behind the curtains to scare you, but then once that moment is over you no longer feel it. Fear affects you long after the moment has passed and can continue to affect you if it is not addressed. A common example is fear of the unknown. Let’s say you get offered a job that requires you to move out of your current hometown. You know that the job itself could be good for your career, but it will also mean leaving family, friends, and comfort. Staying means you get to keep the comfort, but you also keep the same boring job position. People who let fear make the decision are more likely to stay in the same place. People who fear the unknown, but address what it means for them, are more likely to make a decision that will help them grow as a person. The physical sensations of fear are not pleasant, which is why we would rather ignore or avoid it. But by tolerating the discomfort of fear then we also create space for us to grow and overcome challenges. What is your fear trying to tell you?


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