What is the difference between a routine and a ritual? A routine is a regularly followed sequence of actions. Many of us go through our daily and nightly routines mindlessly, or on autopilot.  A ritual is a practice that is done for a higher purpose, so rituals are often approached more mindfully and respectfully. What if we started treating our routines more like rituals? Afterall, everything we do is ultimately for a higher purpose. We don’t just prepare and eat dinner for the heck of it, we do it to take care of ourselves, to nourish our bodies, and to experience pleasure. In your morning routine, notice all the little things you do to take care of yourself. You brush your teeth for your lifelong health, you dress to feel comfortable or confident, maybe you drink a cup of tea or coffee to feel alert and energized. Routines are stock full of things that you are doing to contribute to your own well-being and optimal fulfillment. And if you treat these actions with more respect and mindfulness, they will ultimately serve you even more. 


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