You’ve probably heard many versions of the phrase, “Live in the Moment.” Sometimes, we like to reminisce about the “good old days,” recalling fond memories of a distant time. Taking a trip down memory lane is natural, but clinging to the past can prevent you from being fully engaged with the present. It can be hard to get excited about your current reality. Maybe you’re holding onto a past failed relationship, or you can’t forgive yourself for a mistake. Whatever it is, it is important to recognize what that barrier is for you and address it so you can start enjoying the present moment. One step you can take to stop feeling stuck is to talk to someone who loves you and can celebrate your strengths and dreams. You could also write gratitude lists to stretch your mindset beyond your interpretation of the past. Lastly — and this can feel unnatural to some — move your body! Getting in touch with your body, whether by dancing, running or taking a spin class, can physically help you shake the sensation of feeling stuck in the past days. If you do any of these three things with intention, they will prevent you from missing out on the life that you deserve! 


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