Happy March! If you are like most people, you’re getting tired of winter and are ready for spring to be sprung. You’ve also likely heard of a tradition many people do at the end of winter—spring cleaning! Often this refers to cleaning your home from top to bottom and this is a great way to clear your space of clutter and junk that accumulated over the winter months. It makes sense to spring clean our physical environment, but what about our mental and emotional environments? What about spring cleaning our hearts and letting go of resentments, fears, frustrations, or anger? When we de-clutter our emotional baggage, we have more room to fill up our emotional space with forgiveness and gratitude. By cleaning out the emotional clutter, we have space and freedom to move around and live in the present moment. And what about de-cluttering our relationships? This does not mean to coldly to treat relationships as if they’re objects to be thrown away, but we are all influenced by the people we choose to surround ourselves with. We need to be around people who love and support us, and if there are relationships who are taking away positivity more than adding, it may be time to ponder whether you need to clean that area of your life. That doesn’t necessarily have to mean completely ending relationships, but it does mean putting boundaries in place to keep negativity out and focus on the positive. Happy spring cleaning!


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