“Being able to shift perspectives is like having a freely functioning vehicle. If a car is stuck in any gear, what you’ve got is a dysfunctional car. Even if it’s a Maserati, if you’re stuck in first gear, or you’re stuck in reverse, no matter what gear you’re stuck in, it’s dysfunctional. But the moment you have fluidity and movement and you’re able to shift up or down or into reverse, or whatever you need to do, you’ve got a functional vehicle.” ~ Zen Master Dennis Genpo Merzel from Big Mind · Big Heart

What a great analogy! You can have the most expensive, desired car on the market, but if that car loses its ability to shift gears, all it can do is stay stuck going in one direction. Such is true with our minds. When our minds can shift gears and see various perspectives, we give ourselves more options. We don’t become stuck with seeing a situation one way and believing we have only one choice. There is freedom and peace knowing that whatever life may throw at us, we will be able to cope with it because we have the flexibility and adaptability to accept whatever comes our way. Cultivate your mind to be a freely functioning vehicle, and enjoy the ride!


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