Anger is an emotion that can rise at various times in our everyday lives. You may be angry at that driver who cut you off, waiting for an appointment that is running late, or even a home appliance that isn’t working quite right, but what is all of that anger bringing you? Despite the fact that you might feel justified in anger when something isn’t going your way, you’re actually allowing for extra stress on your emotional and physical health. Anger can stress out your heart, increase your risk of stroke, weaken your immune system, and put strain on your relationships! These issues are compounded when we don’t find a way to release or let go of that anger in appropriate ways. How do you unwind when things start to set you off? Do you need a physical release, such as a good run, a round with a punching bag, or lifting weights? Do you find that talking through issues with a friend, family member, or partner helps you clear your mind?  Do you take the time to unwind with calming music, a warm bath, or a good book? Whatever your method, take a moment to remind yourself that whatever is angering you can be overcome. As a wise man once said, “You’ve made it through every ‘worst day of your life’ thus far!”


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