When it comes to our change and growth, we cannot underestimate the power of consistency. It is better to do less if it means we can do it more often. For example, if you are starting out at the gym, perhaps it is better to leave the gym after twenty minutes rather than push yourself to do a whole hour. This way you will recover faster and be able to go back in a couple days. Also, if you push yourself to do something for too long, you may get burnt out or dread picking it up again. When we are trying to make change, we often get a lot of energy at the front-end and try to jump in too fully. But when it comes to success, nothing can replace that slow but consistent energy that doesn’t overcommit and allows you to accomplish small goals. So, if you are trying to pick up the guitar, instead of blocking out four hours on Sunday, try to dedicate 20 minutes three evenings a week. Overtime, you can increase your commitments, but always keep in mind that the more consistent you are, the more likely you are to actually incorporate a new habit and have it improve your life.


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