“Without commitment, you cannot have depth in anything, whether it’s a relationship, a business or a hobby.” Neil Strauss

We often hear the term “fear of commitment” in the context of relationships and this usually implies someone who doesn’t stay in a relationship for very long, but people can display a lack of commitment in other areas of life such as work and hobbies. Bouncing around from one thing to another has its purpose and benefits; time is limited, so it makes sense to try out different things for a short period of time before committing. But what happens if we keep bouncing around and never commit? In relationships, we may never experience the joy of intimately knowing someone or having someone else know us. It doesn’t have to be romantic intimacy because friendships also require a commitment to make time for each other. Or maybe you have a box full of craft projects that are half-finished because you haven’t committed to making time to finish them, and as a result you’ve never experienced the feeling of satisfaction of seeing the completed product, nor have other people been able to admire and appreciate your work. What have you missed out on due to a lack of commitment? What is one step you can do today towards making a commitment?


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