This time of year, you may feel you are dragging, having trouble getting things done, are a bit more irritable, are craving sweets and are wanting to sleep more. You may experience a drop in mood corresponding with the grayer days, ranging from melancholy to sadness. You may see autumn as an ending; summertime is over and the dreaded winter approaching. You can focus on the negatives… the end of summer and vacations, shorter days, and worsening weather and see this as a more intense work time before the holidays roll around, OR you can choose to appreciate the stimulating sensory season bursting around you!

  • Touch: the chilly nights and morning mist
  • Taste: apple cider and pumpkin pie
  • Smell: smoke from bonfires
  • Sight: leaves exploding into color
  • Hearing: rustling leaves and the crunch of frost

So, what are you going to do… hibernate or enjoy autumn’s amazing sensory palette?!


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