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Lepage Associates is home to a highly experienced team of expert adult psychologists, child psychologists, adolescent and family psychologists, couples and marriage counseling therapists and psychiatrists. We are a group of caring and competent professionals dedicated to helping you with your concerns.

We recognize when people seek psychological or psychiatric services, they are experiencing a problem they would like solved. By the time you start to think about seeking outside help, you have likely tried at least some alternatives, and those have not improved the situation to your satisfaction or given you the answers you seek. At Lepage Associates, the breadth of expertise among our staff means you will find people here who understand your problem and the issues inherent in the problem you are facing.

Lepage Associates, Your Professional Psychologists Durham NC

We are committed to providing the highest quality psychological and psychiatric services and the highest quality customer service. Our goal is not to only meet your expectations; our goal is to exceed your expectations.


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