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Lepage Associates is a full-service family practice, with Associate specialties across the lifespan, addressing the majority of problems people experience. While all of our psychologists are trained as generalists, each also has unique areas of expertise,
and we pride ourselves on
the breadth of specialties
we are able to offer clients.

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General Adult Therapy Services
Individual therapy and groups for the most common mental health concerns and health behaviors.
Personal Relationships
Marriage therapy, couple’s counseling, family therapy, individual therapy and groups for persons experiencing a variety of relationship-related concerns.
Adult & Child Psychiatry Services
Medication evaluation and management for the full range of mental health diagnoses.
Adolescent Development & Family Relationships
Individual therapy for teenagers and parents, couples and family therapy for families with teenagers, and teen and parenting groups.
Child Development, Parenting & Family Relationships
Play therapy for children, consultation and coaching for parents, couples and family therapy, and parenting groups.
College Students & Young Adults
Individual, couples and group therapy for concerns common to college students and young adults.
Services for Separation & Divorce
At our Center for Separating with Civility & Divorcing with Dignity®, our goal is to help facilitate your divorce process so that you (1) can be confident that you have the highest quality divorce experts attending to your needs, and (2) minimize stress for yourself and any children you may have. There are a variety of ways in which psychologists that specialize in relationships, conflict resolution, families and children can help to make this process less stressful for everyone involved: mediation/facilitation of the separation and divorce process, divorce consultant on adult and child issues, support person, therapist, child specialist, co-parenting coach, parenting plan mediator, or custody evaluator.
Court Matters: Family Court, Civil & Criminal Cases, and Disability Determinations
Mediation, consultation, evaluation and therapy for family court issues of separating and divorcing couples and for juvenile delinquency; consultation, evaluation and therapy for civil and criminal court issues; evaluations for disability determinations.
We are a full-service testing facility offering a broad spectrum of educational, psychological, behavioral, and forensic evaluations for adults, teenagers, and children. Testing includes: educational evaluations, psychological evaluations, substance abuse evaluations, custody and visitation evaluations, risk assessments, competency to stand trial, sex offender evaluations, evaluations for the insanity defense, and disability determinations.
Time-limited groups and seminars covering a variety of issues.
Weekday, Evening and Saturday appointments available.

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