Wonderful. I refer many of my clients to their office and have had nothing but praise for their services.


Dr. Lepage and her team are trusted, experienced and dedicated professionals at the top of their field. As a family law attorney, I refer clients to Lepage with the confidence that their needs will be addressed in a responsive, sensitive and competent matter. I recommend Lepage Psychological & Psychiatric Services without hesitation.


As a mother of two children and a divorce attorney, I can give both my personal and professional opinion that Lepage Associates provides excellent services to families throughout the Triangle. My confidence comes from over a decade of being able to rely on their education and advice regarding children and parenting. I have received countless positive feedback from friends and clients that have utilized their services for therapy involving adults, children of all ages, couples and families. Additionally, Lepage Associates therapists, Coaches and Child Specialists have assisted many of my clients and their families better manage the necessary transitions involved with separation and divorce. I am especially thankful that this practice has been a leading advocate for Collaborative Divorce in the Triangle for many years, thereby providing spouses choosing to divorce, a sensible and child-centered model for resolving disputes, communicating more effectively and developing co-parenting plans.


Very professional and experienced psychologists. Through my law practice, I’ve spoken with several individuals who have used the services of Lepage Associates for divorce therapy, family therapy, child therapy and child evaluations. They were quite happy with the results.


Clients I have sent to Lepage have provided consistently positive feedback about the service provided. Lepage Psychological and Psychiatric Services is very strong in assisting divorcing families set up parenting plans that work for the children as well as the parents. They help reduce stress and acrimony during difficult times. I highly recommend this service.


I am a family law attorney. In child custody litigation the most important considerations are the child’s needs and the ability of a parent to meet those needs. Dr. Lepage and her Associates have helped my clients identify and meet parenting challenges. They have helped my clients and their children gain insights that transcend litigation. She has at Lepage Associates a number of well trained, experienced professionals with different areas of expertise. The common denominator is their dedication to the patients they serve. I have referred to Lepage Associates for evaluations for court, and for therapy with adult clients and children of clients all coping with difficult issues exacerbated by the stress of litigation. She and her group have made positive contributions not only to their litigation, but to their lives. The forensic psychologists here are not hired guns; if they find a problem, they help me help my client deal with it. They are capable forensic psychologists who will not stop until they resolve contradictory indications. The evaluators are among the few professionals in this area of practice who I have worked with who investigate test results that are inconsistent with their interview or other data. In one case they located studies which explained anomalies in the MMPI test results. In another case they explained how the conclusions in a Child Medical Exam though valid could differ from other evidence that was just as valid. They are also experienced, well trained professionals who seem to enjoy testifying. Dr. Lepage is a great witness because she is so matter of fact and thoughtful particularly when being cross examined, and even in working with one of her newer Associates who testified for the first time in my hearing on the issue of parental alienation, he did great. They are capable of communicating their opinions clearly and persuasively to the courts. I recommend this practice to you.


As a family law attorney, I interact with Lepage and Associates in multiple capacities, such as providing therapy to clients, the other party, and their kids, helping reunify fractured families, and performing evaluations with reports to the Court. My clients who see this office for various therapies have always reported great satisfaction with their services, and progress being made. The reports I have received from here are without fail thorough and fair, and most important, comprehensive. I highly recommend this office for any therapeutic need, whether it's due to a legal reason or not.


The clinicians at Lepage are so tuned in to the needs of both adults and children experiencing divorce. They are sensitive, up-to-date on the most recent research about what these clients need, and open to brainstorming other professional services their clients might benefit from. I highly recommend this group!


Dr. Lepage and staff are very thorough. They truly dig into family issues during the most unfortunate times like divorce to make every effort to ease pains to everyone. Unfortunately, the circuit court system has not yet caught up, but without Dr. Lepage’s professional work and honest assessment, it would have been so much worse. “And the truth shall make you free.” Letting all the truth out to Dr. Lepage exposed the lies told against this grateful dad. My sons hardly remember going there but we all now benefit from her staff’s honest approach and assessment. I would strongly recommend this office.


Dr. Lepage worked with my family for several months. She provides care with professionalism and sensitivity. I highly recommend her!


My family benefited a number of times from Dr. Lepage's expert guidance. I found her to be professional, thoughtful, and balanced. I knew her to be highly regarded in the community, and in my experience, her reputation is well-earned.


I highly recommend the services of Lepage and Associates. All staff members my family worked with were helpful, informative and easily accessible. I would not hesitate to use their services again if needed. Dr. Lepage and her staff’s experience and training exceeded my expectations.



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