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Have you ever found yourself in a negative mental space with work? Sometimes, our loved ones tell us we are not doing well. Perhaps, you are in a negative thinking rabbit hole and cannot find anything positive about your job? Maybe you dread getting ready for work in the morning?

We all know of them, a Negative Nelly or Worrywart. Their attitudes can spread like contagion across a work environment and suddenly happy or neutral personalities can be sucked into the anxiety and negativity. Gossip and complaints then spread, impacting both conversation topics and outlooks. The next thing you know, it seems like your personal life is consumed with negativity because the work attitude has generalized to home. This article provides practical tips to “reframe” your work attitude and ring in the New Year with a more balanced headspace.

Surround Yourself with Positive People: People socialize and surround themselves with others who have similar views. When stress, frustration or negativity happen in the workplace, we tend to reach out to those who share similar experiences and can empathize with us. Next time you find yourself stressed and hoping for an empathic ear, find someone who has more a positive attitude who can help problem solve the problem and ameliorate the issue. Reach out to others who won’t further swoop you into negativity.

Create Efficient Morning Routines: Start your day with a streamlined morning routine. Many of us are tired after work, but it’s helpful to pack your lunch, iron your clothes, and have your shoes by the door in the evening. A quick exercise routine in the morning can also create positive vibes. If you are someone likes to lay in bed and take your time getting ready, it’s more helpful to get going and start the day instead of lounging around.

Set the Stage and be a Rockstar: You can set the stage for a more positive work attitude on your commute to work. Let’s face it, traffic stinks! Make a Rockstar playlist to facilitate a positive headspace in the car. What are the songs you jammed to when you were younger? What songs put a smile on your face? This type of playlist can get you in the mood to tackle the day. You can also switch from local or national news, which can be depressing at times, to interesting audio books and comedy podcasts.

Spread Kindness: A small act of kindness can go a long way for both the recipient and giver. Open the door for a mother with kids or ask a coworker about their mother’s surgery. Kindness breeds kindness, so add small gestures to your day.

Forget Fairness: People often get in the trap of counting and comparing how many tasks/projects/responsibilities they have compared to coworkers. Rather than focusing on what is on your plate versus the person in the next cubicle, think about how going above and beyond can impact your career. Coworkers and bosses think favorably of those of us who go the extra mile.

Daily Gratitude and Personal High: Identify one aspect of your work that you are thankful for each day. No, it cannot be a paycheck. Maybe a coworker’s assistance on a project or your flexible schedule? Another way to reframe your mindset is recognize your work personal high each day. What was the best thing that happened? At time we get stuck in negativity, so remind yourself why you enjoy your job!


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