The recent cover story in TIME magazine explored the disturbing reality that every day one US Army soldier commits suicide.

Managing Anxiety for Athletes
Learn how to sucessfully manage anxiety, the most common problem experienced in the psychological components of sports and fitness.

We Will Never Forget: Psychological Effects of 9/11
As the 9/11 memorial in New York City opened, thousands gathered to remember those that lost their lives. The collective voice of America on September 11, 2011 was “We Will Never Forget.”

Kindergarten Readiness: Is Early Entry To Kindergarten Right For My Child?
Children who display kindergarten readiness can start even if their birthday doesn’t meet the cutoff. This in-depth article helps parents determine if early entry to kindergarten is right for their child: factors to consider; NC state guidelines, and how to prepare your child for testing.

Even Amid Infidelity and Public Drama, Tiger & Elin Woods Modeled Amicable Divorce
The traditional adversarial divorce process designs divorce as a vicious battle where the wounded can include the children along with the adults. Yet there is an excellent non-adversarial divorce process designed to keep conflict and emotional pain at a minimum, and it even costs less than adversarial divorce.

7 Ways To Get More Sex
Dissatisfaction with the amount of sex in a relationship is a common problem in marriages and long term relationships. Learn how to add more sex to your life!

Bullying Touches Nearly Every American School Child: What to Know & What to Do
Most children are involved in bullying, either as a victim, aggressor, or bystander. Bullying includes physical, verbal, and emotional victimization and social rejection by peers. In this important article that all parents and educators should read, learn more about how to help your child(ren) or your students deal with bullying in any capacity.

Managing Your Budget and Your Marriage
Divorce rates are an unsettling 51% today, which means half of all marriages are ending in separation. Equally disturbing is that out of the couples getting divorced, approximately 80% of them attribute their failed marriage to disputes over finances. While these statistics may seem daunting, there is hope. There are ways to reduce the burden that financial difficulty has on marriage, and by enacting some of these techniques, your marriage will have a better chance for success.

How to Avoid the Freshman 15
Students across every college campus are familiar with this term and the problems it presents. The transition from high school to college provides new pressures such as: a greater demand for time devoted to schoolwork, drinking, eating at strange hours, and boredom snacking. All of these behaviors result in a weight gain known as the “Freshman 15,” referring to the fifteen pounds one gains upon entering their first year of college. Though many experience this change, there are ways to avoid putting on the extra pounds!

Smoking Away Stress
Smoking is often begun at a young age while being social and trying something new and forbidden. It then becomes an addiction. Smoking is also a behavior; therefore it can become a habit even without the addiction to nicotine. Smoking can also be the result of stressful “triggers” which pressure the individual to have a cigarette. You can break the addiction and learn healthier behavioral routines and ways to deal with stress.

The Impact of the Economy on Mental Health
Many Americans are feeling the stress of tough financial times. Here we discuss how financial stress affects mental health, and ideas for alleviating the stress.

The Group Dynamics & Individual Factors of Teen Violence
Matthew Silliman’s death has everyone thinking; how could such a horrible crime be perpetrated by such young people? Four teenagers allegedly kidnapped, tortured, and killed Matthew, and he was thought to be their friend. A major issue brought to the forefront with this crime is the group dynamic. Would such as crime have been committed if one person objected? Would one person have committed this crime on their own?



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