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Psychological Effects of 9/11 As the 9/11 memorial in New York City opened, thousands gathered to remember those that lost their lives. The collective voice of America on September 11, 2011 was “We Will Never Forget.” Those words were plastered on major online news sources. They were published on the signs of memorial service attendees.

Child Sexual Abuse Penn State’s Jerry Sandusky. The BBC’s Jimmy Savile. Both men known for decades for their positive public image and philanthropic work with children, now known as pedophiles. How did these men get away with abusing so many children for so long?

Suicide Among Our Protectors
The recent cover story in TIME magazine explored the disturbing reality that every day one US Army soldier commits suicide. These soldiers are not killed by a suicide bomber or a roadside IED. These soldiers are dying, an average of one a day, at their own hands. Some of the soldiers have experienced combat and some have not.

Impact of the Economy on Mental Health
In the current state of the economy, financial stress is unfortunately very prevalent and its psychological impact is pervasive. Worrying about money is a natural part of life, but the proportion of people who report being “stressed” about money is constantly increasing, affecting every aspect of daily functioning, including work life, home life, and involvement in the community.

April is Autism Awareness Month
Autism is one type of brain development disorder characterized by difficulty with social connection, communication, and repetitive behaviors. When very severe it can cause significant behavioral challenges that make it nearly impossible for a family to go out in public, have a peaceful meal, or even be safe in their own home.

Steubenville Rape Case
On the night of August 12, 2012, over the course of six hours, a 16 year- old high school girl who was intoxicated to the point of unconsciousness was sexually assaulted repeatedly by two local high school football players, ages 16 and 17. The events occurred in front of peers and were documented by her assailants and dozens of onlookers through hundreds of live tweets, texts, photos, and videos. These were then sent to more friends and posted to several social media sites.

The President Urges Bringing Mental Illness Out of the Shadows Approximately 1 in 5 Americans struggles with mental health problems. About 40% receive mental health services. The most recent statistics show that 22 veterans commit suicide every day. The suicide rate has risen in every branch of the military. This year brought tragedy in the form of almost one mass shooting every month.


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