Mental health services available through telehealth:

Improving your mental health does not have to be put on hold during the stay at home orders! There are many ways you can get help from home by connecting with a psychologist for online therapy and online psychological evaluations.

Online therapy – Individual Therapy: If you are struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, anger, substance abuse, trauma, relationship issues, etc., you can work on these issues from the comfort of your own home.

Online therapy – Couples Therapy / Marriage Therapy: Have you been wanting to improve your relationship but found it hard to find time? Use this at-home time during stay at home orders to improve your relationship! You are both there, and can engage in couples/marriage therapy online.

Online therapy – Therapy for Children: Children are often very comfortable with online therapy. Since the kids are home all the time now, use one hour per week for online child therapy! This can help improve mood, behavioral issues, social skills, and teach coping skills and learning strategies such as for attention and focus. We have done therapy online with children as young as age five. Kids love it! They have fun showing their therapist their room, toys, pets, and projects… something they cannot do when in an office!

Personal growth: Have you been meaning to work on self-improvement but never find time? Take advantage of this extended time at home to focus on self-improvement sessions online with a therapist.

Online psychological evaluations: By doing interviews online and online testing, you can complete a psychological evaluation from home!


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