As teletherapy becomes more used and more popular, you may wonder how to choose the best remote therapy mental health provider. Here are some tips:

  1. Easy to use video call teletherapy platform!
    Some online platforms, like we use at Lepage Associates, are a simple one-click link to join your session, with no apps to install, nothing to download, and no username and password set up required. They are pure simplicity. Other platforms require downloads, apps, set-up steps, etc. Also, some platforms require you be sent a new link for every appointment, whereas the best platforms for ease of use can provide one link you can reuse for each appointment.
  2. Experienced with remote therapy!
    Has your therapist been using telehealth for many years, or is this their first rodeo? Telehealth has been in use for over a decade, yet many therapists and doctors have never used it, and others are using it for the first time in response to coronavirus. Choosing a therapist who has been using telehealth for therapy for a long time, and thus has experience with how to quickly remedy any technology glitch, will help ensure your teletherapy sessions go smoothly. At Lepage Associates, we have been using telehealth for over a decade.
  3. Flexible online therapy hours available for your convenience!
    Some therapists provide telehealth from home offices to provide convenience for themselves, but you need appointment times to be convenient for you! Choose a practice that offers a wide range of hours for telehealth to meet your needs and allow flexibility for yourself in scheduling in your busy life. At Lepage Associates, we offer telehealth 8am to 8pm Monday through Friday, and 9am to 5pm Saturdays.
  4. Top-notch doctors and teletherapy therapists!
    Whether seeking a therapist to see in-office or online, you want someone highly experienced in whatever issue you are facing. Be sure the practice you choose for your therapy sessions has someone who specializes in what you are seeking help for.


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