Happiness and March Madness

There happens to be a flurry of celebrations in March besides the college basketball finals. Keep your eyes posted to celebrate these special days:

March 3 – I Want You to Be Happy Day: A day dedicated to focusing on others

March 9 – National Panic Day: Taking some time to let worry and panic out of your system

March 15 – Everything You Think Is Wrong Day: Recognizing that each of us has bad days

March 16 – Everything You Do is Right Day: Turning the tables on yesterday by celebrating your competence and effectiveness

March 22 – National Goof-Off Day: Letting loose and having fun with yourself

March 25 – Waffle Day: Yes, Please! This one is my personal favorite

March 30 – I Am in Control Day: Prioritizing getting into control by becoming organized or objectively evaluating your current circumstances