From the very beginning of her career, Dr. Lepage has been focusing on children and families; whereas most psychologists have an undergraduate that is, like their doctorate, in psychology, Dr. Lepage has an undergraduate in Child Development & Family Relationships. Her many years of specialization in child development and families make her highly sought out by parents seeking help for their child. Dr. Lepage is an expert in play therapy with children, and in interviewing and evaluating children. She is experienced in a variety of childhood issues such as behavior problems, family and school difficulties, AD/HD, LD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, depression, anxiety, dealing with divorce, and social problems to include awkwardness, shyness, isolation, and acting out. With regard to play therapy, she has a special interest in working with children dealing with divorce, and with regard to evaluations she has extensive experience in providing testing in clinically complex cases in which there is uncertainty as to the underlying problem (to include psychological and psychoeducational issues). Dr. Lepage also has extensive experience with couple’s/family issues, to include couple’s therapy for those staying together, and assisting couples who decide to divorce to do so with a minimal amount of conflict in that process. Dr. Lepage is certified to act as a Parent Coordinator in NC, and is an expert in Cooperative Co-Parenting. Dr. Lepage provides play therapy and psychological evaluations for pre-teen children, couple’s and family therapy, custody evaluations, and an extensive range of divorce services.


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