Ms. Cheryl Cohen is an interactive couples therapist who strives to bring forth strengths in the relationship and help minimize/improve the deficits. She is empathic, genuine and intuitive in nature. Cheryl will start by getting an in-depth assessment from the couple and each person individually, to have the most comprehensive information to work with when addressing the couple’s concerns. Healthy couples are a product of healthy individuals.

Cheryl takes a non-partial approach when meeting with couples which creates a non-judgmental and open atmosphere to honestly look at what isn’t working. Couples often feed off one another in positive and negative directions; a cycle of unhealthy interactions begin and neither person knows how to stop the cycle from repeating, which leads to the couple’s dissatisfaction in the relationship and a rut of negativity. Cheryl encourages each person to look inside themselves and identify what is really bothering them. It is much easier to blame the other person for what they feel isn’t working, while not owning what they are or aren’t doing that maintains their dissatisfaction as well. Cheryl also brings light to strengths and helps people refocus on what is working, increasing positive feelings while making changes to areas that need improvement.

Cheryl believes that communication, honesty, vulnerability, self-awareness and the willingness not to be right at the cost of one another all factor into improving relationships. Learning how to communicate involves speaking in a language that both people recognize. Language involves verbal and non-verbal communication about our values and morals, roles, expectations, and boundaries. A simple word like ‘upset’ can be interpreted differently by each person, thus we all speak and interpret in slightly different languages. Cheryl helps couples come to better understand one another’s language and communicate more effectively.

The decision to enter into couples therapy is often made when all other supports have been tapped and the couple has not had success on their own in improving the relationship. Sometimes people may feel they have hit rock bottom preceding making the call to come for couples therapy. Although you may feel stuck and have little hope for change, you had hope enough to reach out and Cheryl is here to support, guide and teach you how to make things different.


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