Dr. Tina Lepage holds advanced degrees in both psychology and management, with a master’s and doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a master’s in Public Administration. Combining her expertise in and interest in workplace relationships/issues and mental health, Dr. Lepage completed her Public Administration master’s thesis on the effectiveness of employee assistance programs. Prior to going into private practice and building Lepage Associates, she developed and managed successful personal and professional growth programs for universities, corporations, and the U.S. military.
Dr. Lepage is a specialist in both personal and professional relationships. All long-term relationships of any nature will have ups and downs, and even a brief relationship can come upon difficulties. Dr. Lepage has hundreds of hours of continuing education and training in mediation, conflict resolution, interest-based negotiation, and effective brainstorming. She has been said to have a “wonderful ability to look at issues from many perspectives, and to cause others to do the same when they might not be inclined to do so.” Dr. Lepage helps people find creative solutions that work well and are respected by all parties involved. She believes that in any conflict / difference there is ultimately an agreement everyone can be comfortable with.

For professionals, life is a two-sided coin, balancing between the professional and personal, and on the personal side is family. Dr. Lepage began her career with a B.S. in Child Development and Family Relationships, and in her doctorate studied both adult and child psychology. Her primary specialty area in her clinical work has been the broad family spectrum to include: marriage/couple’s therapy, family therapy, parent consultation on child concerns, therapy with children and teens, divorce consulting, and mediation in high-conflict divorce. Dr. Lepage is always keenly aware of the interplay between one’s personal life and their professional life, and strives to help them maintain balance between the two and satisfaction in both.

Working with organizations, Dr. Lepage helps those involved in any issue being addressed initially look at it on these three related levels: the organizational level, workplace relationships, and personal factors. That assessment allows interventions, changes, etc. to be uniquely tailored to the situation and people at hand, because while situations can look similar, the percent of each of these three factors involved in any problem is unique to each setting and group of people involved. Thus assuming each situation is unique is generally more successful than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Dr. Lepage is a Licensed Psychologist and is a member of the North Carolina Psychological Association (NCPA) and the NCPA Division of Independent Professional Practice (DIPP). She is also an active member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP), an organization of attorneys and mental health professionals who work together to promote and assist with amicable dispute resolution. Dr. Lepage has been a trainer numerous times locally and nationally on topics related to resolving disputes in a low conflict manner.


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