If you are feeling stressed or anxious, or even have trouble with your sleeping behaviors, yoga may be a great activity to start engaging in! Research conducted by Harvard explains that with consistent yoga practice, and the mindfulness that accompanies it, people tend to exhibit positive outcomes such as better sleep, better body awareness, weight loss, improved levels of compassion and gratitude which all feed into improved happiness levels. Focusing on the positive sleep outcomes from yoga, Harvard’s research also explains that due to yoga’s ability to reduce stress, anxiety, and arousal, these aspects can help minimize poor sleeping activity and allow you to feel more calm and relaxed when it is time to go to bed. With this being said, if you are trying to find a nice, short, daily activity that can benefit your overall emotions and happiness, try out yoga. It doesn’t need to be at a class either! There are many great videos online that take you through a guided yoga session for you to do in the comfort of your own home! Namaste!


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