Manifestation has been a buzz word recently, and whether or not you believe it’s possible, there’s one thing that’s for certain: adapting a positive mindset can help good things come your way. Manifesting is the practice of thinking aspirational thoughts with the intention of making them come true. Imagine your dream job. Say you’re at a point in life where you finally feel qualified, so you apply and get an interview. If you’ve been practicing aspirational thoughts, such as, “I can do amazing things at this job” and, “I am a great addition to any office,” you will go into the interview with confidence. This confidence will shine through, making it more likely you get the position. People think about manifestation differently; some people are more literal, and others just believe that adopting a positive mindset draws positive things into your life. So, while thinking you will wake up with an extra $10,000 in your bank account might not make it come true, there are still aspects of manifestation that you can utilize to improve your life. One way of practicing manifestation is to spend five to ten minutes in the morning imagining that you already have what you want, and it’s good to keep it broad. Say you want closer friendships. You can meditate on how positive it feels to have so much love and friendship in your life. This will make you act more loving and friendly to the people in your life, which can in turn bring you closer together. Think of it in terms of the famous quote “where your attention goes, your energy flows.” Manifestation techniques can help you focus your attention, and thus your energy, in the positive direction you would like your life to take.


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